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Posted Mon, May 30, 2011 1:00pm EDT

Style Expert Rochelle Gores Fredston Lets You In On The Best Maternity Fashion Secrets!

Rochelle Gores Fredston, owner of the landmark L.A. store ARCADE boutique and celebrity style expert gives us the scoop on all the trendiest summer looks for you fashionable moms AND moms-to-be!

Memorial Day is here and you know what that means, the unofficial start of the summer! And with summer comes bikinis, shorts, dresses and awesome accessories and Rochelle Gores Fredston gives insight into the must-have looks of the season. Whether you’re a mom-to-be or a busy mom looking to style yourself up, Rochelle has some awesome — and trendy — tips for you!

Pregnancy Wear MUST-HAVES for Summer:

1. Maternity tank top: “There’s these great tanks I found at Isabella and Oliver and they’re long, because a regular tank top isn’t long enough, so it’s a great layering piece,” Rochelle tells

2. Accessories: “They just make everything look good,” Rochelle says. “Long necklaces is what I have been seeing look really nice. Something that hits the middle of the belly or something that hits just the top of your belly, right under your chest.” Rochelle adds that short necklaces are not as flattering on a pregnant frame: “A longer necklace really lengthens everything.”

3. Maxi dresses and skirts: “I have a ton of them right now,” Rochelle says. “The maxi dress and maxi skirt is great because not only is it a trend right now, but it does look nice on that pregnant frame. It’s easy for everyone to find at any price point right now.”

HOW TO WEAR: Throw on the maxi skirt with a looser top and one of the layered tanks underneath it. Accessorize with a necklace.The maxi dress is best in a solid color on pregnant women. But they look good on every shape and size!

Favorite Swimsuit Styles for the Mom-To-Be (yes, that means BIKINIS!):

1. A Tankini: “A tankini that’s loose around the belly is perfect,” Rochelle advises. “I found this style to be the most flattering and the most comfortable because it wasn’t tight, it didn’t pinch anywhere, and you looked leaner and longer because it was looser on the belly. It’s still kind of sexy in a mommy-type way.”

2. Bikini: “If you want to do a two-piece bikini, another great idea is a little short with a top, just because your pregnant frame is different now, so your curves are a little different, and I find that a little short just balances you out better than a string bikini.”

Summer Maternity Trend — Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Colors:

Best colors: Bright blue or purple or yellow, or black or white, but stay away from the gray!

“I think a color is a great first step to make you feel bright, and happy, and beautiful, instead of just always going to that black,” Rochelle explains. “The only color I would advise against is gray, it really just isn’t flattering on a pregnant frame. White can still look really pretty, black looks great, gray just ends up looking big and overwhelming.”

Nice Go-To Outfit For Busy Moms:

A pair of skinny jeans, a great blouse (either something in a great color or a silk), necklace or those great chandelier earrings, and a pair of great flats.

“You can run quickly, you can pick up a million things along with your kid, and you don’t have to worry about wobbling in heels,” Rochelle says. “You’re comfortable, but you look great!”

GET A BLAZER: “For a mom, that’s a great investment because it’s going to pull everything together, you’re going to look put together, you’re going to be great whether you’re dropping the kids off at school or going to your mommy lunch. Whatever it is.”

Thanks to Rochelle Gores Fredston for all these wonderful tips and let us know if you try them out!

–Leigh Blickley