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Posted Wed, March 30, 2011 2:19pm EDT

Weird And Wonderful Pregnancy Art — Have You Tried It??

From naked photos to belly casts, some moms-to-be — and moms — go a little crazy for their pregnancy keepsakes!

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey, 42, recently showed off her painted up bump, sparking our interest in some other fun, and strange, ways to commemorate your pregnancy. Some moms will do anything to treasure their impending or new motherhood!

  • Belly Casts

Some women get plaster casts of their breasts and baby bumps, so they can always look back on what they looked like when they were nine months pregnant. I don’t know if I would WANT to remember how swollen and fat I was, but hey, you’ll have the mold forever. Post-baby weight loss motivator?

  • Nude Pregnancy Photos

Miranda Kerr decided posing pregnant in the buff would be a wonderful way to treasure her blooming belly. So did Demi Moore, Claudia Schiffer, Britney Spears. Blow it up in black and white — or even throw the hubby in the shot for some extra fun!

  • Belly Painting

Mariah Carey was the most recent celeb to paint her twins bump, but last year, new mom Alanis Morissette covered her belly in Henna tattoos! It’s a fun way to dress up your bump and capture a cool photo.

  • Bronze Belly and Molds

Aside from her nude pregnancy photos, Miranda Kerr also wanted a bronze mold of her belly — as a little keepsake not only for her, but for her son, baby Flynn! Some parents decide to mold their baby’s hands and feet as well.

  • Baby Tattoos

Forget Henna tattoos. Some moms, and dads, decide to get actual tattoos of their newborn baby’s hand or footprints. But, Teen Mom Amber Portwood decided she would get some ink of her daughter, Leah‘s face! Too extreme? I think so.

So HollyMoms, have you ever experimented with baby and belly art?

–Leigh Blickley
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