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Posted Wed, April 21, 2010 1:37pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Glee's Madonna Episode So Genius It Should Be A Broadway Show!

Last night’s (April 20) special “Madonna” themed Glee episode was so riveting, I was glued to the TV.

And it wasn’t just the much-hyped Sue Sylvestor “Vogue” number, that was a pinacle of perfection — which it was.

BFF’s — it was every Madonna number that was BLOWOUT! From the high energy all-girl performed “Express Yourself” to the Cheerios cheerleaders and Glee clubbers, Kurt and Mercedes doing an EVEN MORE ROUSING version of ‘4 Minutes’ than Madonna and Justin Timberlake. Whoever thought of opening ‘4 Minutes’ with a high school brass marching band deserves the Genius Award of Life! It was such a sensational BIG musical number with dancing cheerleaders that it made High School Musicals 1, 2 and 3, look amateur in comparison.

I have to high five the script writers too. Whoever thought and cleverly orchestrated the “Like a Virgin” three virgins cross cutting scenes, deserves the second Genius Award of Life.

Then — Jane Lynch — the breakout star of Glee’s second season as the calculating, narcissistic Cheerios coach, Sue Sylvester — did her sexy, sardonic send up of Madonna — which you have to Tivo permanently.

And guess what Madonna — apparently you’d never heard of Glee before this episode based on your career — the creators even populated the school’s hallways with students dressed as you in every one of your incarnations — you NEED to  buy a TV. It’s time to get with THIS program.

Maybe you’ll decide to backroll this baby into a new Glee Broadway musical. You should! — you’ll make EVEN more money Madge!

Congrats Glee cast + creators! You’re all geniuses!

–Bonnie Fuller

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