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Posted Mon, October 18, 2010 12:03pm EDT

'Mad Men' Season Finale Shockers! Don Is Engaged, Joan Is Pregnant & More!

The fourth season finale of Mad Men was full of office triumphs, romantic twists and shocking cliffhangers!

In the aftermath of the Lucky Strike departure and Don’s (Jon Hamm) tobacco-denouncing disaster of a letter, Don and Pete (John Slattery) met with the American Cancer Society to try to find a way to promote an anti-smoking message that will benefit both the ACS and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. The hypocrisy was overwhelming, but the agency needs all the business it can get.

Back in the burbs, Betty (January Jones) was miserable as usual and erratically fired nanny Carla after catching Glen Bishop visiting Sally before their big move. But the neighbor boy didn’t leave without putting Mrs. Francis in her place: “Just because you’re sad, doesn’t mean everyone else has to be.” Zing! Her husband called her out for her bad attitude and irrational behavior as well, slipping Betty further into depression and closer to an inevitable emotional breakdown.

Leaving the kids nanny-less on the eve of his trip to California with the kids, Don enlisted the help of his saucy secretary and sometimes sleeping buddy Megan (Jessica Pare) to come along. Hmm… how convenient!

Out in LA, Don was seemingly memorized by Megan, who his kids adore, and after a visit to Disneyland he proved just how serious (and delusional) he is by proposing to her! She was overwhelmed and eagerly accepted. Don Draper, a committed man? Someone got too much California sun!

Back in New York, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) with Ken’s (Aaron Stanton) help celebrated nailing the first account since the tobacco fallout for Topaz Pantyhose. But their success was overshadowed by Don’s shocking announcement, leaving everyone at SCDP with their jaws on the floor. Poor Peggy! The account was worth a quarter of a million dollars and she barely got a thank you! She later shared her frustration with Joan (Christina Hendricks) as the girls had a hilarious bitch-fest about shallow men over cigarettes.

But his coworkers’ reactions were the last ones Don needed to worry about. He reluctantly broke the news to both Betty and girlfriend-wannabe Faye (Cara Buono), and while his ex-wife was predictabley sad and disappointed, it was Faye who really let him have it: “I hope she knows you only like the beginning of things.” Meow!

And Joan didn’t let Don steal all the episode’s big moments. It was revealed that she decided to keep Roger’s baby, and she’s passing it off to her idiot husband as his child. Joan decided, in the end, that this might be the only child she’ll ever be capable of having. Oh well, if she can pull off the lie, good for her!

What did you think of the Mad Men finale?

— Ashley Joy Parker