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Posted Mon, June 20, 2011 2:04pm EDT

M·A·C’s Newest Collection — Surf, Baby! — Is Perfect For Long Summer Days On The Beach!

In honor of their summer line, Surf, Baby!, MAC took’s West Coast Producer Kirstin Benson and other Los Angeles editors out to the beach in Santa Monica, Calif. for surf lessons! How did she fare? Read on!

Growing up, I was obsessed with the movie Blue Crush. Kate Bosworth and Michelle Rodriguez‘s characters amazed me — every day they’d wake up and go surfing in Hawaii before heading over to their jobs at the local resort. I was jealous of everything about their lives — their bodies, their friends and most of all, their ability to surf. That said, I was stoked when MAC invited me out for a day of surfing in Santa Monica, Calif. — my dreams were finally coming to fruition!

Flash forward to the morning of the surf lesson. I had peeled into my wetsuit, met our two adorable surf instructors — brothers from Venice Beach — and was ready to dominate the two feet waves. After all, this was my destiny, right?

Not so much. Getting up on the board was tricky, if not impossible. And that wasn’t even the hardest part — Michelle and Kate made paddling out to the waves look effortless, but boy, was it hard! After eating sand and getting tossed around in the salt water for 45 minutes, I realized I’d rather watch Blue Crush than reenact it.

After our surf lesson, all of us ladies headed up the beach for brunch and a meeting with MAC’s senior makeup artist, Tiffany Johnston. Although I’m not a natural on the board, I instantly fell in love with MAC’s summer line, Surf, Baby! My personal favorites included the turquoise nail lacquer, “Ocean Dip” (which I immediately started putting on my nails), and the variety of bronzing sticks.

Word of advice: the bronzing sticks go on super heavily, but don’t freak out! All you have to do is blend the outside edges with your fingers and immediately you’ll get the look you’re going for. Plus, they last all day — even when you’re outside running around in the sun!

All in all, I’m going to retire my board — but I have a feeling I’ll be wearing the Surf, Baby! line long after the summer’s over!