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Posted Wed, September 29, 2010 4:45pm EDT

‘Lost’ Cast Photos

Hallelujah! Most of your beloved Lost stars have new TV or movie roles since the series ended on May 23. So where are they now?

It seemed like the end of the world when the characters on Lost finally said farewell to the island for good on May 23. Although things will never be QUITE the same again, we are totally happy to report that the show’s stars have (for the most part) landed big new roles! So where can we find Lost alum this year? Read on, BFFs!


This adorable Brit has come a long way since playing rocker Charlie Pace — not only does he get to make out with Megan Fox in Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie” video, but he’s also starring in the 2011 film Soldiers of Fortune.


As Boone Carlyle, a rich kid in love with his stepsister, Ian was a total sweetheart — and now he’s totally SEXY as Damon, TV’s hottest vampire, on the CW’s Vampire Diaries.


Daniel got tough as Jin Kwon in the final few seasons of Lost, and now he’s become a badass as detective Chin Ho Helly on Hawaii 5-0.


Michelle is one tough broad! She went from playing a wronged cop/security guard on Lost to a gun-toting action star in Robert Rodriguez‘s new film, Machete — which also co-stars none other than Lindsay Lohan!


Maggie was no stranger to causing trouble as spoiled rich girl Shannon Rutherford on Lost, and she’s about to cause some serious trouble for the Cullen family as vampire Irina in the final Twilight Saga films, Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2!


As James “Ford” Sawyer, Josh was no stranger to keeping secrets — and now he’s found a similar role as a secret task force agent alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible IV.


Evangeline made one beautiful bad girl as convict on-the-run Kate Austen, and now she’ll be showing that same kind of ferocity in Hugh Jackman’s boxing drama, Real Steel.


Hurley took over the island from Jack (Matthew Fox) on Lost, and he should totally be taking over the world! Not only is Jorge’s character the face, name and inspiration behind Weezer‘s new album, but he’ll be guest-starring on How I Met Your Mother come November!


As Michael Dawson, a man intent on getting himself and his son off the island, Harold was fabulously flawed. Now, he’ll be showing that same kind of depth on the big screen when he co-stars with January Jones, Nicolas Cage, Jennifer Carpenter and Guy Pearce in the 2011 film The Hungry Rabbit Jumps.


We yearned for Juliet Burke’s relationship with Sawyer to work on NBC’s hit show, and now we’re burning to see her in the 2010 drama Answers to Nothing, where she’ll star as a lost soul looking for redemption alongside Julie Benz and Dane Cook.


He once played mysterious and eternally young island resident Richard Alpert, but now Nestor will co-star with Eva Longoria Parker in Cristiada, a chronicle of the Cristeros War which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country come 2011.


Lost, together! As wheelchair-bound John Locke and island tyrant Ben Linus, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson didn’t ALWAYS get along (as in, hardly ever). But these two real-life buddies are joining forces on yet another JJ Abrams produced show about former black ops cops, the tentatively titled Odd Jobs.

Unfortunately, our other favorite stars — Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Yunjim Kim and Emile de Ravin — have nothing in the pipeline…YET. We’re sure these Lost souls will FIND new jobs!

Laura Schreffler