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Posted Fri, February 25, 2011 9:15am EDT

Beauty Tip Of The Day: How To Look Sexy In Glasses!

We’re noticing a hot trend on the faces of our favorite celebrities — GEEK CHIC! Glasses are all over Hollywood, but how can you keep looking beautiful underneath them?

As the Oscars approach, Anne Hathaway‘s got her study glasses on as she gets ready for the big night, Jennifer Aniston is promoting Just Go With It in frames, and even Leading Lady Nominee Annette Bening wears glasses to the Golden Globes!

How do you stay beautiful while wearing a pair of thick lenses over your nose? It’s all about emphasizing your eyes and playing down everything else! We’ve got some tips for you:

  • Wear more eye makeup! Believe it or not, you need more drama in the eye area– not less– if you’re going out in glasses. To keep your eyes from getting lost behind the lenses, add mascara and liner to really make them pop!
  • Keep your hair out of the way! Put it back into a bun or a ponytail, or just part it to the side and tuck it behind your ears. This way, your hair and your glasses won’t be fighting for attention!
  • Tone down your lips! Avoid a bright lip color. Instead, use a clear gloss or a matte nude lipstick to keep the focus on your eyes (and those awesome frames)!
  • Get ready to blot! Since you’ll have to push your glasses back on your nose throughout the day, you’ll probably touch your face a lot more. You may get really oily, so keep some powder or blotting papers in your bag to avoid shine!

If you’re looking for a quick change in your usual routine, a pair of glasses can dramatically change your look.  By sticking with these beauty tricks, you’ll look fabulous in your new frames!

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— Amanda Chen