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Posted Fri, February 11, 2011 4:14pm EDT

Lindsay's Lohan's Court Look Cost Almost $14,000! Can You Believe It?

We’ve broken down the price of looking super hot — and super inappropriate — at Lindsay’s Feb. 9 court hearing.

If Lindsay Lohan is trying to prove to Judge Keith Schwartz that she has a good head on her shoulders, then she should have considered that her outrageous spending is a red flag that screams “unstable, self-important jewelery thief!” Instead of complying to the normal expectations of court attire, Lilo dressed for a cocktail party in a tight white dress, Louboutins and a fresh spray tan. Keep reading to find out how much each item cost!

$575: Kimberly Ovitz white dress

$895: Christian Louboutin shoes

$350: Chanel sunglasses

$800: Approximate cost of pearl earrings

$7,000: Diamond ring that Lindsay bought herself while in rehab

$1,000: Lip injections

$120: Spray tan

$1500: Hair extensions

$800: Highlights

$500: Makeup

Total: Almost $14,000!

What was Lindsay thinking? That’s almost half of her $40,000 bail! Maybe you thought if she showed how much money she has, no one would suspect that she actually stole the $2,500 yellow diamond necklace in question!

What do you think, Hollywoodlifers? Is her court spending spree crazy or totally understandable?

— Brooke Peoples