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Posted Tue, March 8, 2011 5:34pm EDT

Lindsay Lohan Furious With 'SNL'! See Her 10 Biggest Feuds

Lindsay Lohan feels betrayed by SNL for this weekend’s skit that poked fun at her bad behavior. Why does Lindsay always seem to make enemies?

Teen Queen Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and in her opening monologue she poked fun at fellow Disney wild child Lindsay Lohan. According to TMZ, Lindsay felt betrayed by the show’s producer Lorne Michaels and fired off an email saying that she was disappointed by his decision to allow Miley to make fun of her.

Sources close to Lindsay say that she sees Lorne as a “mentor and father figure” and is really upset that he would use her recent legal troubles as comedic material. Lindsay always plays the victim card, starting frenemy wars all over Hollywood. If she keeps burning bridges, it will really be Lindsay against the world. We think she should be a little less sensitive and take SNL’s jibes as flattery, at least people are still talking about her! And isn’t she usually the first one to make light of her legal troubles? Check out Lindsay Lohan’s top 10 feuds!

  1. Kamofie & Co.:Lindsay is suing the jewelry store for selling the surveillance tape to the Associated Press for an estimated forty-thousand dollars. Lindsay is angry that they’re selling her image without her permission, and believes its proof that they only accused her of theft because they are trying to make money.
  2. Etrade: Lindsay sued Etrade bank for their 2010 Super Bowl commercial because a baby referenced a “milkaholic Lindsay.” The details of the $100 million dollar suit were never released, but rumor has it Lindsay ended up making money in the settlement.
  3. Michael Lohan: Lindsay and her father Michael have a very turbulent relationship. She says Michael rides her coat tails and exploits her for all the money she is worth. They have had fight after fight, and at one point Lindsay even wanted a restraining order. Michael always claims he is sending her to rehab but the pair talk on and off and have a very strained relationship. Just recently Lindsay says she is embarrassed of her dad going on celebrity rehab.
  4. Glee: Lindsay was at the Betty Ford clinic when a Glee episode aired featuring Gwyneth Paltrow as a quirky Spanish substitute teacher that made fun of Lindsay Lohan and her frequent trips to rehab. Lindsay was highly offended and the cast made an effort to apologize.
  5. Hilary Duff: Back in 2002, Aaron Carter supposedly left Hilary Duff, who he had been dating for two years, to hook up with Lindsay. Then he left Lindsay to get back together with Hilary. This high school-esque boy drama sparked a feud between the two Disney princesses, but years later they let bygones be bygones and are friendly with each other.
  6. Brandon Davis: The oil heir went on a drunken rampage about Lohan when he was walking around town with Paris Hilton. He made extremely rude and vulgar insults about her, called her poor, and said her father was hotter than she would ever be.
  7. Samantha Ronson: Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan have had a rocky relationship since they began dating in 2008. They had very public break-ups and make-ups, Samantha even accused Lindsay of stalking her at one point. At the couple’s lowest point, Ronson’s family filed for a restraining order against Lindsay. Now there are rumors that the girls might be back together.
  8. Michelle Peck: Lindsay Lohan got her second DUI when her assistant Tarin Graham quit, and Lindsay chased her mother, Michelle Peck, as she was driving home. Peck called the police and when they pulled Lindsay over she had a blood alcohol level of 0.12 and had cocaine in her system as well as in her pants.  She was also driving on a suspended license.
  9. Dawn Holland: Dawn Holland was an employee at the Betty Ford Clinic that accused Lindsay Lohan of physically and verbally abusing her. Lindsay accused Dawn of lying about the injuries to make money. The clinic fired Holland for leaking information to the press and she ended up dropping the charges shortly after, because many think that Lindsay paid her off.
  10. James G. Robinson (CEO of Morgan Creek Productions): Lindsay Lohan was always late and sick for work because she was out partying with the Hollywood crowd when filming Georgia Rule. Eventually, James G. Robinson wrote her an open letter claiming her behavior was irresponsible and discourteous, and threatened legal action if she continued to disrupt filming.

Lindsay Lohan sure has gotten herself into quite the mess. Do you think she’s too sensitive or do you feel that everyone should just leave Lindsay alone?

Nicole Fukuoka