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Posted Mon, August 30, 2010 9:30pm EDT

OH My Lord! Lindsay Lohan Goes To See Probation Officer In Another Inappropriate Outfit!

BFFs, what is Lindsay Lohan thinking wearing see through tops and super short shorts when entering a Santa Monica courthouse?! Our image expert tells us that Lindsay clearly hasn’t learned anything from her mistakes!

Lindsay Lohan is making an obvious cry for help! The 24-year-old starlet has visited her probation officer on two separate occassions in very revealing outfits! First, a newly released Lindsay, was spotted entering the Santa Monica courthouse, Aug. 27, wearing itty bitty denim shorts, and a see through black tank top! She wasn’t even wearing a bra! But now, Aug. 30, Lindsay was sporting thigh-high leggings and another pair of daisy dukes!

We spoke to LA based image expert Michael Sands who reveals that Lindsay is definitely dressing like this on purpose and she hasn’t changed her ways!

“She is subliminally trying to seduce her probation officer so she can manipulate him. I don’t think she has embraced all of her issues with the court because she feels like she was forced into jail and rehab,” says Michael. “She’s sending the message that she hasn’t learned anything.”

The first time Lindsay stepped out in a very skimpy ensemble, reached out to Beverly Hills psychologist, Rebecca Roy, who thinks this behavior of Lindsay is in very poor taste.

“She’s trying to say ‘up yours’ to the probation officer,” reveals Rebecca. “It’s very confrontational and defiant.”

Michael agrees, and believes that we haven’t seen the last of Lindsay’s legal troubles.

“I’d say there is more trouble on the horizon for Lindsay,” says Michael. “If I were advising Lindsay I would tell her to hide in the trunk of the car when going out of her residence, and remain under the radar and stay totally out of sight. Even if she hasn’t changed I would tell her to give the appearance that she had.”

—Chloe Melas