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Posted Sun, October 17, 2010 10:22am EDT

While Lindsay Is Away In Rehab, Miley and Taylor Fight To Take Her Spot As Hollywood's Top Trouble Maker!

Hollywood’s most famous trainwreck, Lindsay Lohan FINALLY seems to be getting the help she needs, but it looks like teen tarts, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Momsen are following in her footsteps, vying to take her place as Tinsel Town’s most notorious teen star gone wild.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Miley Cyrus

  • Both Lindsay and Miley got their big breaks from Disney. Their fresh faced looks have undoubtedly taken a turn for the worse, by trying out an edgier look that does nothing but meet the disapproving eye of the general public.
  • Miley hasn’t been shy to go bra-less and have her nipples show right through their thin t-shirt, when she is well aware of the paparazzi snapping pics wherever she goes. It makes us flashback to the days of Lindsay running around town doing the exact same thing.
  • Long gone are the teen appropriate t-shirts and sweat pants. Miley opts for outfits that are begging for attention like her almost-identical-to-Lindsay short shorts, low-cut top and high heels number.
  • Lindsay has also been an inspiration when it comes to donning edgey ripped tights that send a trashy not classy image to fans. Guess who is a fan favorite of them? Oh yeah…Miley.
  • Before Miley was on Hollywood’s radar, it was Lindsay flashing the peace sign whenever a camera was near. Miley has picked up right where Lindsay left off.
  • Both girls have dated older guys and influenced their younger siblings to emulate their personas.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Taylor Momsen

  • Lindsay and Taylor have both been given a lot at a young age, but besides having a privileged life, they have both demonstrated some pretty crazy behavior. Lindsay has gone on drug fueled car chase and Taylor burned her dog’s balls after it was neutered.
  • What’s with the guns? Taylor’s shocking cover of Revolver magazine dressed in black lingerie has Hollywood buzzing while Lindsay’s photo shoot with guns for photographer Tyler Shield’s book reminds us that Taylor isn’t the first to do such a thing.
  • Taylor has picked up the dirty habit of smoking which, coincidentally Lindsay has enjoyed for years.
  • There’s something about thigh high stockings and short bottoms that bonds the two young stars together.
  • When Taylor and Lindsay were first hitting the red carpet, they were all smiles and gave off mega-watts of positive energy. These days It’s virtually impossible to wipe the scowl of Taylor’s face or get Lindsay to curve her lips in the slightest.
  • Both starlets have picked up on learning how to DJ during parties for extra attention.
  • Lindsay and Taylor have both pursued music careers, although Taylor has gone the dirty rock route. Taylor’s on-stage outfits and potty mouth have actually surpassed Lindsay as far as being a bad influence in the music scene.

We get that Miley and Taylor want to grow up and gain the respect and interest of an older crowd, but we gotta say, emulating someone like Lindsay Lohan isn’t the way to keep fans or stay in a positive spotlight!