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Posted Fri, August 27, 2010 6:26pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Lindsay — Wearing A See-Thru Top To See Your Probation Officer Is Self Destructive & A Cry For Help!

Are you fed up with Lindsay?

Has she worn out every ounce of sympathy you have? Well, here’s why wearing a sheer top with no bra and visible nipples, should actually make you very concerned for La Lohan.

I too rolled my eyes when I saw this new photo taken today Aug. 27 of freshly released -from- rehab Lindsay, entering a Santa Monica courthouse, to meet with her probation officer, according to Lohan is on probation at least until the end of Nov. while she attends court-ordered psychotherapy and behavioral therapy.

Showing up for a first meeting with your probation officer would seem to require a certain level of decorum — not gold -studded short denim shorts, visible nipples and a plaid shirt. “If I were her attorney I’d tell her to dress differently — in a classic skirt and blouse — for example,” says Sheila Forman, an LA attorney -at- law and clinical psychologist. “When you dress like that, you’re conveying the message that it doesn’t matter what the probation officer thinks… I’m going to act the way I want and do what I please”, points out LA-based criminal defense attorney, Steve Cron.  Lindsay has taken disrespect to a whole new level – remember the FU nails she wore to her court hearing?

“She’s trying to say ‘up yours’ to the probation officer. It’s very confrontational and defiant,” agrees Rebecca Roy, a licensed psychologist in Beverly Hills, who specializes in treating members of the entertainment industry.

“It’s also very destructive. She’s undermining her legal efforts to show herself in the best light,” points out Forman.  ” At some point down the road, her lawyer is going to be asking the probation officer  what he or she thinks; if she has an attitude or not,” says Steve Cron. “Her sentence can’t be lengthened, but she’ll be asking for probation to be shortened or certain conditions to be lifted and the judge is going to ask the probation officer what he or she thinks…. if the report says anything about her having an attitude or an unwillingness to comply, her probation won’t be lifted.”

Lindsay’s self-destructive ‘defiance‘ is breathtaking, don’t you agree?  Doesn’t it seem to be clear that she’s learned nothing from her 14 days in jail and 22 days in rehab?

Nothing about humility or acceptance that she has a problem. Why else would she be such an exhibitionist both in front of her probation officer (probably a male) and in front of the paparazzi she complains about?

The thing is that mental health experts actually look at this photo and are concerned about the depths of Lindsay’s problems. “Her behavior doesn’t make a lot of sense to most people but it’s saying “I’m really in trouble,” explains Rebecca Roy. “She’s not just a spoiled brat, which is what she seems like. Underneath it all, is a girl in a lot of trouble. She’s a very fragile, frightened girl, who deserves compassion.”

“What’s behind all of Lindsay’s behavior is the fact that she’s an addict and even though she’s improved after being in jail and rehab and being taken off all the prescription medications she was taking , she still needs to address the underlying problems that made her an addict,” believes Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman, author of the upcoming book, Bad Girls: Why Men Love Them and How Good Girls Can Learn Their Secrets. ” What’s driving her addiction is an emptiness inside from not getting enough love and attention from her parents. She doesn’t feel lovable for herself  so she wears a see thru top so she can get attention for being hot!”

I can see that. Why else would Lindsay do something that seems so inexplicably dumb? Why else would she also have self-destructively missed court dates and alcohol education classes, leading to her own imprisonment. So why have four trips to some of the best rehab centers in the country had had no lasting positive affect on Lindsay? “There’s a lot of deep, complicated issues to be dealt with,” believes Roy. “She may have a personality disorder that requires long-term treatment.

So girlfriends — as tired as you are by the 24-year-old’s antics, consider the experts who believe, she’s using outrageous behavior to cover up how scared and alone she actually feels.

Try and look past her exposed breasts and send Lindsay some sympathy. Lets hope that sometime soon she gets the help she desperately needs.

–Bonnie Fuller