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Posted Wed, February 23, 2011 1:01pm EDT

Cleavage-Baring Lindsay Lohan Will Go To Jail Again, Says Judge!

Inappropriately showing cleavage in front of Judge Keith Schwartz didn’t earn Linds any points in her necklace theft case. The judge warned her — “you are going to jail!”

Lindsay Lohan shocked everyone by ditching her super short dress for some actual pants for court Feb. 23. Way to go Lindsay! She did not however go completely appropriate, choosing to pair her white Chanel pants with a cleavage baring black top and YSL pumps. So close Lindsay!

Lindsay, in court for the hearing on her felony grand theft case as well as a hearing on her probation, was told by Judge Keith Schwartz that, “this case does involve jail time. If you plead, you are going to jail. If the case settles here, you will be going to jail.”

Judge Schwartz told Lindsay that if the case settles or that if she takes the plea bargain at the next hearing date on Mar. 10, that she will definitely get jail time. But if the case goes to trial, a jury will rule on if she is guilty or not. The trial would be overseen by Judge Sautner.

Unfortunately, for LiLo’s sake, her celebrity status didn’t matter this time around. “I treat everyone the same,” Judge Schwartz told Lindsay. “I don’t care that you’re Lindsay Lohan. I look to what are the charges are and prior record.”

On March 10, if the case settles, a sentencing date will be set. “On that day, you will be going into custody,” said the judge.

The next court session will also include a probation hearing. But for now, Judge Schwartz has already set some stipulations. She will have to get a psychological evaluation and see a therapist “on regular basis to help cope and assist,” explained the judge.

Lindsay will also have to find a regular sponsor that is not a family member. Sorry Michael and Dina Lohan, but the judge seems to think that family members like you two are “unreliable.” He told Lindsay, “You need somebody unrelated to you that is not moved by anything other than seeing you succeed.”

After hearing what the judge had to say, Lindsay respectfully agreed to his findings, responding simply, “Yes, your honor.”

Sources reveal Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers offered Lindsay a plea deal for her grand-theft case that includes six months jail time, according to TMZ. But Lindsay refuses to accept this and wants to take her chances at trial.

LiLo infamously showed up Feb. 9 wearing a short white dress that left most wondering if she was taking these charges seriously.

Take a look at Lindsay’s outfit above and let us know — is Lindsay’s outfit appropriate or not?