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Posted Thu, March 10, 2011 2:27pm EDT

Lindsay Lohan Should Go To Trial & NOT Accept Plea Deal Say Three Top Attorneys!

The troubled actress appeared before a judge and was given two choices — go to jail or take her chances at trial! Experts tell us why LiLo should battle back!

Lindsay Lohan needs to stand trial before a jury! The 24-year-old actress went to court today and was told that she could either appear in front of Judge Keith Schwartz on March 25 or prepare to go to trial in April. spoke to three top defense attorneys who say Lindsay should not take the plea deal. 

Instead of serving six months in jail, Lindsay should fight her felony grand-theft charge for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, Cailf., jewelry store. LiLo has a very good case and shouldn’t just accept a jail sentence without mounting a legal challenge, these lawyers say.

“I know Lindsay is adamant that she didn’t steal the necklace and was told she could perhaps keep it as a gift,” says Lisa Bloom of “The surveillance tapes that were leaked help her. It doesn’t make sense she would steal a necklace. I think the defense and evidence is pretty strong. She should not take a plea. If she goes to trial she stands a good chance of winning.”

Raoul Felder, a former NYC prosecutor, agrees: “There would probably be very little jail time if she were convicted.Celebrities do very well in front of juries. She is not a professional criminal…So the fact that the surveillance tapes were leaked and sold, it will help her because the argument is she is a victim and they exploited her to make money and humiliate her. And that’s a pretty powerful argument.”

“She shouldn’t take any deal that involves jail,” says defense attorney Mark Geragos, most famous for representing Michael Jackson. “This case is totally defensible.”

But one legal expert, attorney Susan Filan, doesn’t think Lindsay should decide to stand trial.

“You advise on what you think your chances of winning are — and hers are terrible” she says. “The fact that they sold the video doesn’t mean she didn’t steal the necklace. They have video of her taking it, so the odds she’d get ‘not guilty’ are slim.”

What do you think Lindsay should so? Take automatic jail time, or takes her chances at a trial?

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— Chloe Melas with additional reporting by Lorena O’Neil