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Posted Fri, July 16, 2010 5:03pm EDT

JENN LOVED IT! 'Inception' Is Your MUST-SEE Movie of the Summer!

Oscar nominees Leonardo DiCaprio & Ellen Page are an odd, but oddly awesome, pair in this mind-twisting thriller that’s like a superfuturistic bank job … designed by MC Escher!

I just saw Inception and despite having high expectations due to the fact Leo has never disappointed … it exceeded them! Other people must’ve been pretty excited too because outside the Lincoln Center AMC on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the line for the midnight showing looked like a Twi-hard convention!

The movie revolves around this fascinating concept: There are secret agents who can infiltrate your mind through sleep by entering your dreams to go through the unconscious mind. During your dreams, you cannot die (giving rise to some terrific fight scenes) because once you do, you wake up! And in your dreams, the further you go, the more that’s revealed. The deeper you go in, the harder it is to figure out whether you’re in the real world or the dream world.

It’s truly an original idea, which made it extremely refreshing considering all the remakes that are happening. It’s a thinker so don’t expect to go and veg out, but luckily it’s so captivating you just don’t even want to blink!

Perfect for your boyfriend — this time mine didn’t fall asleep!


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