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Posted Mon, August 2, 2010 3:15pm EDT

OMG! Lady Gaga Admits To 'Occasional' Cocaine Use & Says Her Creativity Is In Her Vagina! Is She Crazy?

In an outrageous new interview, Gaga admits to doing cocaine a few times a year and being drunk during her infamous trips to Citi Field and Yankee Stadium!

You’ve got to hand it to Lady Gaga — she gives great interviews. In the upcoming Style Issue of Vanity Fair, Gaga comes clean (so to speak) about her sex life and drug use. Though she’s “terrified of heroin,” she does admit to doing “mostly cocaine.” She tells the mag, “I won’t lie; it’s occasional. And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year.” Wow! Does this come as a shock to you, BFFs?

As for her sex life, Gaga says she avoids intercourse in order to maintain her creativity. “I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone, they’re going to take my creativity from me through my vagina,” she tells the mag. Wow! We knew Gaga abstained from sex, but we never expected her reasoning to be THIS ridiculous! But that’s not all — Gaga also comes clean about her controversial behavior at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field earlier this year. (Pay attention, Jerry Seinfeld!)

Gaga admits that, yes, we she was drunk as a skunk when she showed up at Citi Field in June, wearing leather and flipping off onlookers. So is she sorry for her outrageous actions? Nope!

“My real fans know who I truly am,” she tells the mag. “My music and my performance is what really speaks.”

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