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Posted Wed, June 23, 2010 4:18pm EDT

Lady Gaga Tumbles Off 10-Inch Heels In London Airport!

Listen Lady Gaga, I’m  glad you didn’t get hurt when you fell off your crazy platform shoes in London’s Heathrow Airport on June 23rd, but was it karmic retribution for bad ball game behavior?

You certainly stirred up a huge tidal wave of ill will when you flipped the bird at fans at the Mets game on June 10 and then groped yourself in front of Yankee players at their game on June 18.

Of course, you did set yourself  for trouble by wearing 10-inch platform heels and ground-scraping leather chaps on an 8-hour flight from New York to London. How did you expect NOT to trip in those things?

And however did you think you’d be able to walk miles through Heathrow airport in those clodhoppers anyway?

Speaking of that — how did you sit through the  flight in that get-up — sheer top, black bra and panties with chaps?

Gaga — don’t you get enough attention on stage — dressing for drama  at ALL times does have it’s downsides!

–Bonnie Fuller


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