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Posted Fri, March 11, 2011 6:17pm EDT

Trainer: Lady Gaga Is Very Strong And Resistant To Pain! Exclusive Interview

PLUS celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak reveals Gaga’s favorite exercises

Lady Gaga isn’t afraid to show some skin on stage and if you were wondering what she does to keep her stomach in shape, wonder no more. Harley Pasternak already spoke to us about training Megan Fox and Robert Pattinson and now he’s opening up about Gaga.

“Gaga has great abs,” Harley says of his high-profile client. “She has a high pain threshold. She trusts you, if you are someone she believes in than she’s like, ‘I’m here, what do you want be to do?'”

In fact, Harley says she doesn’t struggle with any of the 5-factor training. “She has no weaknesses. We train her whole body with a focus on the muscles on the back of her body, her butt,  hamstrings, upper back and back of her arms.”

Here’s more details on Gaga’s routine:

  • On her diet: “She’s great because she has a great palette. From some of the recipes in my world diet book to a lot of the snacks I’ve developed for my clients, [she tries it all]. She’s one of the first ones I go to and say, ‘What do you think of this? What do you think of that?’ We are developing this amazing cookie right now that she has inspired us to do. We sent it to her and she loves it. Same with these chips that are amazing.”
  • On the exercises that come easy to her: “Exercises like double crunches, trunk twists and side bends give Gaga her amazing abs!”
  • On her favorite exercise: Dumbbell Deadlifts
  • On what it’s like working with her: “She is so hard working. She works 23 hours a day. In the studio…to do press, to do this, to do that. When you get her, you get her, you have be so on your game. You have a certain amount of time with her, What is great about her is that she very present. You have a certain amount of time with her and you better be ready. And you get her and the second you are done, someone whisks her off to the next thing. But, when she is with you she is focused, hard working.”

Lorena O’Neil