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Posted Thu, January 6, 2011 8:40pm EDT

Why Kristen Stewart Rebuffed Robert Pattinson's Hand At People's Choice Awards, Say Experts!

When K-Stew ignored Rob’s attempts to hold her hand last night as the pair stood up with Taylor Lautner to accept the ‘Favorite Movie of The Year’ (Jan 5) fans were stunned and wondered what it meant. Now, our experts explain what’s going on between the two.

Kristen Stewart‘s self-proclaimed awkwardness is endearing to her fan base, but it might be hurting her relationship with Robert Pattinson, according to Beverly Hills body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass! The Twilight starlet accepted two awards at the People’s Choice Awards on Jan. 5 in LA, and she ignored Rob the entire time! Dr. Glass says this is because Kristen is “completely uncomfortable in her body” and she “likes to keep her relationship with Rob a mystery!”

When Kristen, Rob and Taylor Lautner accepted the award for “Favorite Movie of the Year,” for Eclipse, Rob attempted to hold Kristen’s hand as they walked up to the stage, but she pulled away!  However, she allowed her best friend Taylor Lautner to help her up the steps, put his arm around her on stage and then she patted him reassuringly while Rob made his short speech.

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“I don’t think she trusts Rob’s love or the affection that he is now offering her,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman. “She’s afraid to make herself that vulnerable by acknowledging to herself and the world that she is in love with him. Kristen anticipates that Rob is going to break her heart and she doesn’t want to be made a fool of.”

Kristen ignored Rob a second time when she went on stage to accept her award for “Favorite Movie Actress,” by not making eye contact with Rob while giving her speech. In sharp contrast, Rob was leaning forward in his seat, lovingly gazing at his girlfriend and hanging on Kristen’s every word during her acceptance speech. Rob also eagerly helped Kristen out of her seat and then wrapped his arm around her back when PCA host Queen Latifah asked them to stand and wave to the audience. Kristen didn’t reciprocate.

“There is a lot of tension in Kristen’s face, arms and she keeps leaning her head down which means she’s very uncomfortable during her speech,” Dr. Glass says. “But Rob is leaning forward because his body is gravitating towards her. His hands are clasped and he’s looking at her in adulation. Rob’s cheeks are raised which shows it’s genuine love and he is so happy. Rob covers his mouth because it’s like he’s keeping a secret of how much he’s in love with her.”

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— Chloe Melas

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