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Posted Wed, February 23, 2011 2:15pm EDT

Chivalrous R-Patz Always Protects K-Stew! He Is A Real-Life Edward Cullen!

Chivalry isn’t dead! Not only is R-Patz gorgeous, talented, and well-dressed, but he’s also a genuine gentleman to girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

Robert Pattinson is a lot more like his Twilight counterpart Edward Cullen than he lets on! R-Patz is always spotted around Tinseltown protecting Kristen Stewart from the obtrusive paparazzi and shielding her from any harm. If he wasn’t your dream boyfriend already, check out these top five reasons why we think Rob mirrors Edward in his real-life relationship!

  1. Whenever the couple is photographed together, he always has his arm around her, protecting her from the photographers. He evens takes the media bullet for her, by distracting fans and photographers so she can sneak by unharmed. This is similar to how Edward always protects Bella from enemy vampires like Victoria, and always makes sure that there is someone there to watch her so she’s never in harms way.
  2. Rob agreed to never talk about his relationship with Kristen to the media in order to preserve their privacy. In New Moon Edward tried to play down his relationship with Bella when facing the Volturi, so they wouldn’t interfere and harm Bella.
  3. Rob and Kristen are photographed around town having dates at all the nicest restaurants. Even while filming, the couple makes sure to set some time apart to enjoy themselves. Edward devotes all of his time to Bella and gifts her with nice things like a car and takes her on romantic dates in the forest.
  4. Whenever Rob and Kristen are together at awards shows, he is so attentive to her and is always by her side. This is similar to how Edward is so infatuated with Bella, that he even watches her sleep!
  5. Even when Rob and Kristen are away filming different projects, their relationship is unwavering. Edward leaves Bella in New Moon but in their time apart they realize how much they need one another and the distance only makes their love stronger.

K-Stew is one lucky girl because she has Robert’s full attention on and off screen. Do YOU think Robert is like Edward in his relationship with Kristen, or are they completely different men? Tell us what you think?

Nicole Fukuoka