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Posted Tue, October 19, 2010 4:57pm EDT

HEY, GIRLS! Would You Go Lesbian For Some Of K-Stew's Love?

OMG, this is so funny! K-Stew opens up about her ‘Krisbian’ female fans…and thinks it’s hysterical that straight girls would go gay for her!

There’s no question that 20-year-old Kristen Stewart totally digs on dudes. She’s dating her Twilight co-star (and mega babe) Robert Pattinson and has never shown interest in a girl-on-girl relationship,other than her steamy make out scenes with Dakota Fanning in The Runaways. However, Kristen recently sat down with MTV to talk about everything that comes with being one of the most sought after and recognizable faces in Hollywood, including her loyal female following.

We had never heard of it, but out there in the land of Twi-hards lie female fans who, regardless of their preference for guys, can’t help but be attracted to the lip-biting, brunette beauty and fantasize about some serious face time with the actress. These “Krisbians” are not news to Kristen who doesn’t deny their existence.

“I can’t lie about that one,” she told MTV.

“Krisbians” don’t bother Kristen. She can laugh about it and feels flattered, but there is one person who is feeling over-protective…and it’s not who you think!

“It pisses one person off,” Kristen said. “You know, my brother. But it’s funny.”

We’re glad to hear she’s cool with girl crushes and can embrace it as a positive. How do you feel about Kristen?

Aimee Curran