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Posted Sun, January 30, 2011 11:02pm EDT

‘Kourtney & Kim Take NY’ Recap: Kim Has A Breakdown Over New Nude Photos & Scott Gets In A Fight At The Club!

OMG! The second episode of ‘Kourtney and Kim Take New York’ is full of some MAJOR drama! Not only does Kim have a mini meltdown, but she also gets called a wh**e — and Scott is the one who comes to her rescue!

This episode, we get to see our three favorite Kardashian sisters together again, because Khloe Kardashian is in town visiting! And it’s a good thing she’s there, because Kim Kardashian is having a small meltdown over her famous W magazine cover.

In the beginning of the episode, we hear Kim telling Kourtney Kardashian about the cover — Kim says she only did the shoot naked because everything is going to be covered by artwork. Well, somehow that went wrong, and when Kim sees the final pictures for the magazine, she finds out that you can see pretty much everything. Kim immediately starts freaking out — she’s hysterically crying and is beyond furious! Not only does she call the photo “serious porn”, but she also says she feels totally taken advantage of. She even calls her mom, Kris Kardashian, and starts screaming at her to do something, and says she is going to fire everyone!

“I was naked but fully covered in silver paint,” Kim explains to her sister. “This artist will put images of architecture and buildings and stuff on top of me so you will see my body shape and the outline but not actually my boobs or anything.”

Kim then says during her breakdown, “I’m more naked here than I was in my Playboy. I’m so f***ing mad right now. … She promised I would be covered with artwork . … This is serious porn … you can see nipple.”

Kim later adds, “I feel so taken advantage of. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m never taking my clothes off again, even if it’s for Vogue.”

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But the drama really begins when the sisters and Scott Disick all go out to a club for the night. When a male fan asks Kim for a picture and starts talking to her, the guy’s girlfriend appears out of no where — and she immediately starts telling Kim off as if Kim is trying to steal her boyfriend! As Kim tries to tell her nothing is going on and she needs to back off, the girl gets in Kim’s face and calls her a wh**e!

At that moment, Scott decides to get involved. He asks the girl what the problem is, and when she tells him to mind his own business, he gets furious and says, “I don’t talk to people of your nature.” Suddenly everyone is screaming at each other, and the whole thing is totally chaotic. As a huge crowd around them watches, not only does the girl throw her drink in Kim’s face, but Scott hits the male fan — they get in a big fist fight, and Scott ends up being dragged out by security.

To make matters worse, Kourtney doesn’t want to have anything to do with Scott because of what happened. Despite the fact that even Khloe is defending Scott and saying he only got in a fight to protect Kim, Kourtney is still really angry that Scott got in a public fist fight. When they get back to the hotel, Kourtney locks herself in her room. Khloe ends up feeling so bad for Scott that she lets him sleep in her room while she sleeps with Kim — it looks like the two are definitely becoming friends again.

Even with all of the fighting and tears, this episode has a happy ending. Scott and Kourtney make up — Kim and Khloe finally convince Kourtney not to be mad, and Scott admits to Kourtney that he did the wrong thing, but says he was only doing it to protect Kim. When Kim gets a copy of W in the mail, she has a change of heart about the pictures, and says she’s glad she did the shoot. I definitely want to know how the rest of the season can top all of that drama!

— Jessica Booth