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Posted Tue, December 7, 2010 4:45pm EDT

Kirstin Says: Kim K Is 'Dating' Kris Humphries — It's Just Another Kardashian Showmance!

Kim Kardashian cycles through men faster than anyone we know, but are any of these guys real prospects?

Kim Kardashian, are you really this boy crazy or do you just want to stay in the spotlight? After going on a few phony-seeming dates with Halle Berry’s model ex, Gabriel Aubry over Thanksgiving week, you’ve already moved on to professional basketball player, Kris Humphries — but I have a hard time believing all of these men are true boyfriend prospects.

When we asked our inside sources about your latest boy toy, they said even YOU don’t know if you’re that into him yet.

“It’s nothing serious quite yet, they have had fun together but their schedules are too all over the place to make anything official quite yet,” one source says.

Adds a second insider, “Kim and Kris will for sure hang out again, but romantically or friendly is to be determined.”

Judging from your dating history, Kris, 25, is just another notch on the showmance totem pole. Typically you don’t go out with guys more than three times before throwing them to the curb, and you’ve already been spotted at one of Kris’ games, out at Hoboken bar AND at Nobu in NYC. Time’s up…time to move on to the next lucky lad!

I have a hard time believing he’s anything more to you than a cute face, hot athletic body and a fun photo op — just like your other guys:

Kim & Gabriel Aubry:
Kim and Gabriel’s dates all took place in super public settings (i.e. the movies and a basketball game), and when they left the movie theater after date No. 2, HE was driving HER white Rolls Royce! Does that sound like a set-up, or what?

Kim & Miles Austin:
Kim and Miles, who plays for the Cowboys, met at a restaurant in LA in the spring and had fun toying with our emotions via Twitter. They’d tweet back and forth about missing each other and having a great time on dates.

Kim & Cristiano Ronaldo:
After breaking up with NFL star BF Reggie Bush, Kim and Cristiano, a professional soccer player, were spotted having romantic date nights in Spain. They reportedly hooked up on and off for the next several months until he got with his new girlfriend.

Kim & her bodyguard, Shengo Deane:
The 30-year-old reality star was spotted Oct. 24 with Shengo, her Australian bodyguard who she made out with on last season’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The two went on a date to the top of the Empire State Building and Kim continued showing Shengo around NYC for the rest of the evening. All the while, they were being filmed by cameras…suspect?

Kim & Kanye West:
Kim and Kanye were spotted getting super cozy with one another during a “date” at a Chicago restaurant in October. Not only that, but Kim went to Kanye’s music video premiere for “Runaway” and he came to her store opening and her birthday party.

Kim, you say you want to stay single for a year — but that certainly won’t get you any attention, will it? Ever since you split from Reggie Bush, it seems like you’ve gone through a different guy every month! Are you trying to make him jealous, take your mind off being single — or just garnering ratings for your show?


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