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Posted Wed, December 15, 2010 8:00pm EDT

Is Kim Kardashian The New Jennifer Aniston: On A Bad Love Track?

Kim K is exhibiting all the signs that she could end up alone and childless in her 40s, just like Jennifer Aniston. Is she making the same love mistakes?

Kim Kardashian may claim she wants to “stay single for a year,” but is she creating a life that actually repels love by dating younger, inappropriate guys, putting her career WAY first, making it hard for guys to penetrate her inner circle of BFFs and more? Jennifer Aniston proves you can be gorgeous, nice, rich and famous — and still not be able to find true love because she leads a lifestyle that repels men. We’re worried that 30-year-old Kim is headed down the same path.

Finding love and being uber-famous can’t be easy, something to which both Jen and Kim can attest. The 30-year-old Kardashian sister is 11 years younger than Jen, and the path that Kim is on right now is all too familiar in our eyes. Jen and Kim…both on the same bad love track?

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  • ALWAYS putting careers first: Who can hold down a relationship when you’re on a plane most of the time? These two ladies have to travel constantly for their careers. And right now, their jobs (and the international jetsetting) comes first. Sure, it’s great to have a successful career, but when it blocks out all other aspects of your life — especially relationships — it’s not healthy! When you’re constantly on a plane, how do you have time to hang out with your significant other? (Case in point: Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds. These two are divorcing because they never made time for one another and were never in the same place at once!)
  • High-maintenance: Jen and Kim are smoking hot, and it takes time, money, and effort to keep up their appearances. Not only do they put a lot of work into their own bodies, but Jen and Kim have been known to have Type A ODC tendencies with cleanliness and making sure their lives are kept in a certain order. Those personality quirks can’t be easy on an potential love. Taking care of beauty needs takes up time — sometimes you have to put a man ahead of a mani/pedi!
  • Empty nests: What’s one thing they earned with all that money? Huge houses! Or excuse us, huge empty houses. With all that traveling and a constant single status, those beautiful homes remain empty. And a cold, empty house can lead to a cold, empty heart. Plus, both of these girls hate making a mess. We see it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians — Kim doesn’t want anything to be out of line in her beautiful home. It seems like they don’t want to wake up to a guy in their bed who might make a mess in their perfect houses.
  • Sisterly love: Who needs a man when you have the love of a sister? Kim and Jen have that by the bucketful. Kim of course has Kourtney and Khloe, and then tend to be more than a handful at times. Jen doesn’t have blood sisters, but she does consider Courtney Cox to be her family. And then there’s the unwavering support from BFF Chelsea Handler…It’s got to be intimidating to be a guy and trying to date Kim or Jen — they come with big, opinionated entourages!
  • Dating younger, inappropriate guys: Both ladies are insuring they won’t find true love when they date younger, inappropriate guys who aren’t ready to settle down. Jennifer Aniston dated John Mayer (we all saw how that turned out), and Kim hardly ever dates guys her own age!
  • Burned before: Both girls lost their loves of their lives! Jen and Brad Pitt splitting up was the divorce heard round the world, and Kim lost Reggie Bush to the distance between them. When you have heartache like that in your past, it’s easy to keep out of the dating scene to protect yourself. Jen is doing it, and now Kim’s having her own serial dating party.

Come on, Kim! We don’t want you to fall into the same loser love path as Jennifer, but there’s an awful lot of similarities. We want you AND Jen to get out of your love ruts!

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