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Posted Fri, February 18, 2011 10:18am EDT

How Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape Made Her Family $65 Million — Are They Pushing Her Too Far?

The Kardashian family pulled in a whooping $65 million in 2010 and it all began with Kim’s sex tape — is she being taken advantage of?

While many may poke fun at the Kardashian family for their seemingly ubiquitous presence, this reality clan is getting the last laugh — all the way to the bank! The Hollywood Reporter reports in their new issue that the family made a whooping $65 million in 2010, more than superstar actors Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise and Sandra Bullock COMBINED! That is some serious cash!

The family first gained notoriety through middle sister Kim‘s sex tape with Ray J in 2006, and seems to have almost thrived off it. While others might hide or shy away from such an incident, it seems like this clan saw a business opportunity!

The key to the success of the family is their involvement in numerous businesses beyond just their E! reality show. “These shows are a 30-minute commercial,” Khloe says in the interview, and she couldn’t be more right. Through the reality show we see the girls swimwear line, diet pills, brand endorsements and most every other part of their life.

Most remarkable perhaps is the fact that the entire Kardashian industry is run by mom Kris Jenner, a former airline stewardess. As the story points out, in a year where most everyone in the industry struggled to make money, she thrived. “Look at Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg,” Kris’ longtime friend Scott Sassa explains. “Two guys that didn’t finish college ended up billionaires. Sometimes just raw energy and intelligence wins out.”

You can read more about the fam in the current issue of The Hollywood Reporter, on newsstands in LA and NYC now — but we want to know, do you think the Kardashians’ success will continue in 2011?