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Posted Wed, September 1, 2010 7:46pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Squeaky Clean Stars Like Kim Kardashian Are In, Troubled Bad Girls Like Paris & Lindsay Are OUT!

Notice to celebrities — the time for drugging, and partying it up beyond the max, is OVER!

Take a look around you trainwrecks, and check out who’s landing TV shows, movie roles, product endorsements and oodles of fans — it’s the new Hollywood goody goodies.

Kim Kardashian who told Jay Leno “I’ve never been a drinker, I’ve never gotten into drugs,” when she dropped into his Aug. 31st show, is the new Queen of the squecky clean set. And listen you need two hands to list all her buisness ventures. Besides starring in the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and executive producing The Spin Crowd, starring PR meisters Jonathan Cheban and Simon Huck she’s got a clothing line for Bebe, Kardashian Glamour Tan for Sephora, Fusion Beauty, Kim Kardashian perfume etc — etc — you get my drift!

Other members of Hollywood’s new squeaky clean club — Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum and former heroin-addict/new healthy mom, Nicole Richie.

Can we talk about how Bieber and Taylor Swift have burneded up the charts, filled concert stadiums and have broken into movies. Hey, they’re too busy recording, performing and having fun, to drug-it-up!

It’s no longer in any way cool to get-arrested Paris Hilton-style for dropping a bag of cocaine out of your “It’s-not-my-purse,” or show up at your probation officer meeting in a sheer top, Lindsay Lohan-style.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what one Hollywood manager tells his clients: “directors and producers are squeamish to work with actors who have reputations as party animals,” he says, “Lately, directors and producers have been really thorough before they cast anyone.. There was a time when directors didn’t get involved with personal stuff. They’d turn a blind eye. Nowadays they want to know what’s going on with their stars. If the stars turn out to be a druggie or an alcoholic, it’s on their shoulders.”

A Hollywood producer admitted to that he’s been known to randomly drug test his actors before he starts shooting. “I need to know I can depend on them… otherwise, I’ll lose money.”

Now listen even closer, Lindsay and Paris — “Remember… it’s all about the money. I don’t want to hire someone who has the potential to go nuts on me midshoot… I’d lose big bucks!”

Yes, this is a sea change from just a few years ago when the entertainment world was seemingly mesmerized by the club-hopping antics of the toxic triplets — Paris, Lindsay and Britney, with Nicole Richie occasionally thrown in for good measure.

But times have changed — Nicole and Britney have cleaned up their acts and smart entertainers like Kim, Justin Bieber the Jonas Bros have learned from the mistakes of the party animals.

“Kim was able to watch every bad move Paris made and she made sure she didn’t do the same in her career. Whereas Paris lived on negative press from her partying, drinking and inappropriate boyfriends. Kim is consistently nice, punctual and on message,” points out Jo Piazza, AOL Celebenomics columnist. Kim no doubt is trying even harder to impress because she’s also hoping to expunge that sex tape she made with ex-lover Ray J, from our collective memories.

So I ask you all – especially in these tough times, isn’t it refreshing that we have young celebrity role models who actually are role models for other young people, who want to make careers for themselves.

Don’t you welcome Hollywood’s squeaky cleaners ? Now, Hollywood party girls and boys, pay attention – there’s still time for postive makeovers!

Bonnie Fuller