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Posted Fri, June 3, 2011 9:31pm EDT

Kim Kardashian's Engagement Party Photos Revealed — The Whole Fam Was There!

Check out these pics Khloe Kardashian took at her Kim’s family engagement party the night Kris Humphries proposed to her!

We’ve heard all the details of Kim Kardashian‘s engagement to Kris Humphries, but now — thanks to Khloe — for the first time we get a REAL inside look at what went down at the lavish engagement party Kris Jenner threw for daughter.

“The entire family got together at my mom’s house for a ‘family dinner’ — none of us thought it would be any different from our usual family get-togethers,” Khloe wrote on her blog (complete with photos) June 3. “Kim walked in late (OF COURSE) and nonchalantly flashed that rock of hers and we all started screaming! Well… It took us a few minutes to notice, but once we did, everyone started freaking out LOL.”

Kim, 30, and Kris, 26, have dated for six months and sources tell the couple is hoping to get married quickly, within the next six to eight weeks!

Kirstin Benson

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