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Posted Sun, March 28, 2010 11:19am EDT

Kim K — Are You Desperate To Get Reggie Bush’s Attention?

Or are you just showing him what he’s missing?

Kim Kardashian, we know you’re gorgeous and have an incredible figure, but take our advice — you don’t need to be posting all these photos of yourself in a bikini on Twitter just to send a message to your maybe-cheating man Reggie Bush. You’re better than that, Kim. Everyone knows you’re gorgeous, so you don’t have to be putting up MySpace-esque vanity shots of yourself to prove it.

And what message are you sending him, exactly: Are you trying to get his attention in the hopes it’ll keep him from straying again, or are you showing him that you can be sexy all on your own and you don’t need him?

What do YOU think, BFFs?

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