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Posted Sat, January 1, 2011 3:00pm EDT

Lose Anywhere From Five To 50+ Pounds With These Tips From Kendra, J. Lo, Katy Perry & More!

Is your New Year’s resolution to drop excess pounds? Check out these weight loss tips from 11 of Hollywood’s hottest celebs!

Every year we resolve to go to the gym, stop eating junk food and get into the best shape of our lives — and in 2011 we vow to actually do it! In 2010, plenty of our favorite celebs changed their bodies thanks to new workouts and smarter diets…and now they are sharing their tips so YOU can do the same in the coming year!

1) Kendra Baskett lost 40 pounds gradually and went at her own slow pace. Currently, she’s 5’3″ and 123 pounds. For exercise, she does 45 minutes of circuit training at the gym some days, and others she takes baby Hank for a walk. She also filmed an US Weekly DVD called Be A Knockout with Kendra with pro Nick Holender!

2) Ali Fedotowsky gained 10 pounds while on The Bachelorette, but has since lost it. She’s 5’7″ and a size four, thanks to her healthy diet of low-cal foods like Weight Watchers Smart Ones Meals and small meals throughout the day. She also tells herself, “Just go to the gym, if you still dont want to work out, it’s ok to go home, but you’ll probably stay.” Currently, she’s training for a half marathon with her fiance, Roberto Martinez.

3) Olivia Wilde cut carbs while getting in shape for Tron. She’s also a vegan and doesn’t eat meat and dairy, however, she loves miso soup and frozen mangoes. For exercise, she does yoga, spinning, and Bar method classes.

4)Jennifer Lopez does Tracy Anderson‘s 90 minute dance cardio and muscular structure workouts five days a week and has shed more than 50 pounds since giving birth in 2008. She also recommends an occasional cleanse, but not for all the time. When she’s dieting, she gets daily meals delivered from Freshology.

5)Halle Berry eats protein-packed meals, salads and lean protein and does 30-minute cardio and circuit-training four days a week. She told US Weekly, “If I stick to exercising every day and put the right things in my mouth, then my diabetes stays in check.”

6)Jennifer Aniston does at least 20 minutes of cardio a day and was seen doing up to two hours on a treadmill while filming Just Go With It. Jen was once a Zone dieter, but now she keeps it healthy with fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, and broiled fish and steamed veggies for dinner

7) Kourtney Kardashian weighed 140 pounds when she gave birth to her son, Mason, but weighs 95 pounds now. She told OK! it’s important to be a “healthy mom, not a certain weight.” She likes running with her iPod because it “clears your mind and makes you feel better about yourself.” Her go-to meal is eating steel-cut oats with almond milk every morning. She also loves Quick Trim Fast Shakes.

8)Katy Perry used trainer Harley Pasternak‘s 5 factor diet, 5 well-portioned, well-balanced meals a day to get into great shape for her wedding. (Once a week you get a cheat day!) She also works out at least five days a week and does 25 minutes of circuit training.

9)Kelly Osbourne used Dancing With the Stars to kickstart her 50 pound weight loss. She eats breakfast, drinks water, and snacks. For workouts, Kelly does spinning and high-intensity Plyometrics strength moves.

10) Anne Hathaway did a 5-day juice cleanse, which is a nutrient and vitamin-rich mix from David Kirsch’s 5-Day Detox kit. While dieting, you can eat light meals like green salads with lean protein.

11)Jennifer Hudson used Weight Watchers to lose her weight. On the plan, every food has a point value based on calories, fiber, fat, carbs. She doesn’t have to give up the foods she loves as long as she stays within the alotted points for her weight.

Are you trying to lose weight in the new year? What are your healthy new year’s resolutions? Sound off below!

Reporting by Brooke Peoples