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Posted Thu, December 23, 2010 11:39am EDT

Keeping Up With Kendall & Kylie Jenner! How Adorable Do They Look In 'Teen Vogue'?

Being the youngest gals in the Kardashian clan definitely comes with a lot of perks — Kendall says Khloe shares her Louboutin’s with her & Kim gave her a Balenciaga bag for her birthday!

While you may be tired of seeing Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Kardashian plastered on the cover of every magazine and on television, their younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are just stepping into the spotlight! Teen Vogue sat down with the young reality stars where they opened up about raiding their older sister’s closets, boys, and the possibility of their own reality show!

As you could imagine, being a part of the clan definitely comes with a lot of perks! So, do they love to raid their older sister’s closets? Of course! “I love all my sisters’ styles. They can just put stuff together and make it really cute,” Kendall said. “Whenever our sisters are done with clothes, they give me and Kylie stuff. Khloé has my shoe size, so I’ve gotten some amazing Louboutins from her. And Kim gave me a black snakeskin Balenciaga bag for my birthday that I’m in love with.”

I especially love Kourtney’s style because she wears what she wants and she rocks it. She lets me come over to her house and pick out whatever I want. I always borrow her jeans,” Kylie said.

What about momager, Kris? Do they find themselves borrowing from her too? “Shoes and jewelry! For the Teen Choice Awards, I wore a Myne minidress with my mom’s Louboutins and vintage Chanel necklace. I’ve always loved her style,” Kylie said.

Both girls recently started modeling, and while Kendall told the mag that she definitely hopes to make a career out of it, Kylie also wants to try acting and said going to college comes first. “I love everything about it, although my favorite part would have to be wearing cool clothes and getting my hair and makeup all done. My dream jobs would be Italian Vogue and anything with Chanel,” Kendall said.

Like her older sister’s, Kendall said she loves sports! “I’m a cheerleader. I love sports, so it’s cool to be at every football game watching and cheering.”

So, what words of wisdom have Kim, Kourt, and Khloe passed down? “My sisters are always telling us, ‘Don’t Google yourself,'” Kendall said. What about with boys? “Don’t trust them!” With fame, Kylie said they tell them not to listen to what people say.

With both Kendall and Kylie embracing their own roles in the close-knit clan, they wouldn’t rule out branching out and starring in their own reality show! “It’s definitely something to think about!”

Katrina Mitzeliotis