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Posted Fri, July 16, 2010 6:58pm EDT

Wow! Kelly Osbourne Has Lost 20 MORE LBS In 4 Months!

BFFs, can you believe Kelly has lost even more weight since competing on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars? The gorgeous Brit once weighed 160 pounds but now our expert believe she weighs just 105 lbs!

Kelly Osbourne, you look fantastic! You recently lost more than your  lowdown cheating fiance Luke Warrall and we bet he’s wishing he hadn’t been so stupid!

“She looks great. It appears that she’s lost about 2o pounds since March 2,” says Dr. Carson Liu, a UCLA-trained bariatric surgeon and weight-loss expert. “As a petite woman, [Kelly is only 5 ft. 3 inches] that’s quite a significant weight loss for her height. She looks toned and healthy. I would say it looks like she keeping up her diet and dancing/exercise regimen from Dancing With The Stars. She’s clearly eating right and exercising.”

We spoke to Kelly at the G-Star show during Fashion Week in NYC, Feb. 25, and she confessed she had lost close to 40 pounds while she competed on the ninth season of DWTS!  Since she may have initially gained back a few lbs before slimming up some more, Kelly can now say she’s lost a new total of about 55 pounds since the show!

The songstress revealed to us that she stays in shape with the Bar Method ! The Bar Method was created by Burr Leonard, in San Francisco, CA in 2001, and it involves a mixture of interval training, free weights, and ballet postures.


  • After a simple warm-up:to get the heart rate going and the muscles warm, you work the upper body with free weights, push-ups and stretches using the ballet bar. Next come challenging exercises for the lower body, most of them performed in various standing positions while holding onto the bar.
  • The program aims to shape and elongate every major muscle group:  Burns away fat around muscles, and then stretch them. The result is a clearly visible change in body shape. Muscles look longer and more defined, the body becomes leaner and more slender, and posture becomes more erect.

  • -Chloe Melas