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Posted Sat, November 13, 2010 9:23am EDT

Plastic Surgery Under 30! Check Out 12 Of Hollywood’s Hottest Starlets: Before & After Pics!

Pinched, pulled, taught, and tucked! These 12 Hollywood starlets felt the pressure to go under the knife before turning 30!

From movie stars to MTV personalities, sex symbols to Disney stars, the pressure of Hollywood  is hard for many young icons. No matter their background, more and more of Hollywood’s most natural young beauties are feeling the need to go plastic! Some celebs can’t stop talking about their nip and tuck procedures, while others continue to deny their obvious enhancements.

Esteemed Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Fleming, tells us many celebrities get procedures done to advance their careers. “The primary reason that people choose surgery is to help maintain a career where your looks are an important signature as to how you are perceived by the fans and general public,” he says.

Dr. Fleming also notes that while getting plastic surgery at a young age does not increase a person’s risk of complications, it could have psychological implications and in many cases one surgery leads to more surgery! “People may not necessarily stop after the first surgery,” he explains.  Between Botox abuse, silicone, suction, and a plethora of deviated septums, these 12 young ladies are some of Hollywood’s most notorious pinch, pull and tuck offenders under the age of 30!

Kellie Pickler

  • This 24-year-old country singing sensation has played coy about her obvious breast augmentation, even after American Idol judge Simon Cowell commented that it looked like she attended Dolly Parton School!
  • Pickler’s rep denies it, but since her engagement the country crooner appears to have had a lot of work done to her face.
  • Rumors of Botox, lip fillers, and a possible brow lift have surfaced after recent red-carpet pictures.
  • Kellie has said, “You’re the one that has to look at yourself every day and it’s important that you’re happy with what you see. You can’t worry about what everyone else thinks because you cannot please everyone.”

Kim Kardashian

  • This 30-year-old reality TV show bombshell, has admitted to Botox but denies any other nip and tuck procedures.
  • Many suspect that she had a nose job and breast augmentation, but the starlet continues to refute these rumors.
  • In an interview Kim said, “If I take this bra off you will tell me I need to get them done. I’m totally not against plastic surgery. … I’ve tried Botox before. That’s the only thing that I’ve done.”
  • She also stated that she is insecure about her nose, but fears that if she undergoes rhinoplasty it will change her whole look.

Taylor Momsen

  • This 17-year-old Gossip Girl star and rocker has recently sparked rumors of breast augmentation after photos surfaced of the naturally svelte starlet sporting a fuller chest almost overnight.
  • Many people refuse to believe that a girl her age would get a boob job, but she has made it very clear that she is not your normal teenager. Between her promiscuous style and outrageous comments, it wouldn’t be that shocking if the boob job rumors were true.

Megan Fox

  • This 24-year-old box-office hottie, has been rumored to have had a breast augmentation, a nose job, and possibly Botox.
  • Megan denies everything, but at the premiere of ‘Jonah Hex’ she shocked onlookers because she looked very plastic.

Tara Reid

  • The 35-year-old actress has been very open about the plastic surgery she got in her twenties that went wrong.
  • She had a botched breast augmentation that she eventually had fixed, and her liposuction caused her stomach to get bulgy and saggy.
  • She claims she got her first augmentation because her boobs were uneven and liposuction because she wanted her stomach to be contoured to a six-pack.

Heidi Montag

  • This 24-year-old Hills star, has made her plastic surgery very public and recently underwent the knife for the second time and had an additional 10 procedures done!
  • In 2007 Heidi had a nose job, breast augmentation, and lip injections. In 2009, she got had a brow-lift, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, Botox, fat injections in her cheeks, liposuction on her waist, hips, neck, and thighs, butt augmentation and a second nose and boob job.
  • She risked her life to undergo that many procedures at once but defends her actions by saying, “People can think whatever they want. But I’m the one living in my skin. I’m the one in here and I’m the one in this really cutthroat industry.”
  • She also claims her husband, Spencer Pratt, did not pressure her to have these procedures and is only interested in her inner beauty.


  • This 24-year-old Jersey Shore starlet has had two boob jobs, her first one was a present to herself on her 21-birthday and her second one was to improve her first botched job.
  • It has been rumored that she has also had a nose job, liposuction, and laser treatment for cellulite. An insider said that she is obsessed with perfecting her image.

Ashlee Simpson

  • This 26 year-old songstress changed her whole look when she got a nose job in 2006.
  • Her father, Joe Simpson, said the procedure was to correct a deviated septum that caused her breathing problems all throughout her childhood.
  • Ashlee has said, “I believe if somebody chooses to do plastic surgery, it [should be] for yourself, not for anyone else. Everybody always has an opinion… One minute they’ll love you; one minute they’ll hate you. When you go home to sleep at night, [the important thing] is to feel good about yourself. And I do.”

Ashley Tisdale

  • This 25-year-old High School Musical star, faced public criticism when she had a nose job in 2007.
  • She admits to having a septoplasty procedure to correct her deviated septum for health reasons.
  • She has said, “I didn’t do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose…I want my fans to know the truth. I’m not someone who is going to act like I had nothing done. I just want to be honest because my fans are everything to me.”
  • She has denied rumors of a second nose job and breast augmentation,”Look at me… Does it look like it to you? No! It’s ridiculous. I’m not for plastic surgery. I’m not going to get another surgery. I can promise you that.”

Amanda Bynes

  • This 24-year-old actress shocked fans when rumors started circulating that she had work done her face.
  • After posing in Maxim, the au natural sweetheart has been rumored to have undergone a possible breast augmentation, lip injections, and cheek implants.

The Olsen Twins

  • These 24-year old twins have been accused of having matching nose jobs done.
  • They are also rumored to be considering getting breast augmentations to add some curves to their petite frames, but fear it will have a drastic change on their image.

Are these girls too young too risk their lives for cosmetic enhancement? If these natural beauties felt insecure about their appearances, are they setting unrealistic standards  for their fans and young women across the nation — or there nothing wrong with these young celebrities improving their self-confidence by going under the knife at such a young age?

Nicole Fukuoka