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Posted Sun, October 24, 2010 11:23pm EDT

'Keeping Up With The Kardashians': Kim Gets REVENGE on Ex Reggie Bush By Revealing His Nasty, Jealous Texts & Racy Sex With Miles Austin!

OMG! Kim and Reggie Bush get in a HUGE fight over Miles Austin AND we get all the details on Kim and Miles sexy relationship during the season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!

In what was one of the most emotional episodes for Kim, we see exactly how Reggie Bush reacts to her newest relationship with Miles Austin, and it definitely isn’t pretty! There was no way Reggie could hide his jealously over Kim’s new boyfriend – I couldn’t believe some of the things he said to her! His remarks were so uncalled for, and the episode was full of drama!

When the story about Kim and Miles dating hit the blogs, Reggie was furious and immediately called Kim to ask her about it. Kim and Reggie got in a huge fight over the phone – Reggie said that the news about Kim and Miles was “literally driving me crazy”. Kim fired back about their breakup, saying “you don’t text other f****** whores!” The tension in the room was crazy, and no one could believe what they were hearing.

The fight got even uglier when Reggie called Kim while she was out to lunch in New York. Kim and Reggie go to the same place to get their cars washed, and Reggie called Kim to tell her that he was accidentally charged for her recent car wash – but that’s not all he says! He picks another fight, saying “Don’t ever f****** charge a car wash to me again – you can have Miles Austin pay for it.” OMG, I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to say that! He continued to text her after that, and things only got worse.

One text he sent said, “So glad I didn’t buy you a f****** ring, I mean God, why was I ever considering that?” I thought Reggie’s comments were getting totally out of control – but Kim handled the situation, saying she was glad she was finally seeing the real Reggie come out.

Luckily, Kim had Miles to take her mind off the drama with Reggie – we finally got to see the two together when he came to New York for Khloe’s birthday party! Kim and Miles seemed totally cute together, but I could see the tension when they were walking onto the yacht – paparazzi were surrounding them, yelling things like “Where’s Reggie?” and I could definitely see that Miles was uncomfortable.

The day after the party, Kim talks about sex yet again – but I can’t say I was surprised this time! She tells her friends, mom and sisters about hooking up with Miles, saying “He’s so sexy, the things he says to me when we’re making out, I love it.” Then she adds that she had a giant bump on her head, and when one of her friends asks if it was from the ‘rough sex’, Kim doesn’t deny it!

When Khloe says that Miles told Lamar he was uncomfortable about the paparazzi, Kim gets even more worried about the state of their relationship – and it turns out she had a reason to feel that way. When the girls get back to LA, Kim tells her sisters that her and Miles have broken up. She says that they just came from different worlds, and that Miles couldn’t handle the media attention. She adds, “I just hate that I even gave it a shot with him.” Aw, I felt so bad for Kim – it seemed like she was really happy when she was with Miles!

Although the episode focused mainly on Kim, we also got to see Rob give Bruce a little makeover while Kris is in New York with the girls. Bruce not only spent a night out with Rob and his friends, but he also got both of his ears pierced and a haircut! And we watched as Scott tried to convince Kourtney to move to New York with him.

This finale definitely didn’t disappoint and was one of the most drama-filled episodes of the season! I love that we got such a big look into Kim’s relationships with Reggie and Miles – and I couldn’t believe how jealous Reggie was! Hopefully she’ll find love in the next season!

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Click For More Pics Of Kim!

Jessica Booth