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Posted Fri, September 24, 2010 12:48pm EDT

Bonnie Says: Miss Piggy's Outfits Far Sexier Than Katy Perrys'!

Why oh why is Sesame Street banning Katy Perry’s breasts?

The resident diva Miss Piggy, has worn FAR more revealing outfits in her 36 years on the show than the California gurl sported in her new video with Elmo. Yet Katy Perry‘s video has been dumped from airing on PBS.

Don’t believe me about Miss Piggy? Just check out our gallery of Miss Piggy pictures. Miss Piggy has gone bare bottomless — yes BARE! She’s worn a black lacy  see-thru top with NO bra and she’s worn plunging — seriously plunging neck lines many times!

So I ask you — is Katy Perry a victim of discrimination and if so, which kind? Is it diva discrimination — she’s not as egotastic as Miss Piggy? Is it human discrimination — cleavage is ok on a pig, but not on a human Perry? Or is it Sesame Street A -List discrimination — Miss Piggy is the STAR of the show, and Katy is not?

Elmo is clearly embarrssed by the anti-katy decision made by the bosses. “Elmo loves Ms. Katy and we had a good time,” he told Good Morning America‘s George Stephanopoulos, this morning, Sept. 24. “so we’ll have another playdate.”

Not surprisingly Katy’s fiance Russell Brand is standing by his woman, tweeting “Today’s Sesame Street will NOT be brought to you by the number 34 or the letter D.”

So Sesame Street — so what if Katy Perry’s breasts bounced a bit when she ran during the video — normal women’s breasts do bounce! It’s not fair for her video to be punished because Miss Piggy’s breasts don’t bounce!

What do YOU think? Click for pics and see below for video!

–Bonnie Fuller

And here’s the banned Katy Perry video from Sesame Street:

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