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Posted Tue, December 1, 2009 12:54pm EDT

Katie Holmes Insists Suri's Heels Don't Hurt!

You may think Suri Cruise is too little to be wearing high heels all over town, but her celebrity mom Katie Holmes says it’s fine!

“She loves my high heels” Katie confesses to Access Hollywood. Suri has been wearing high heels for months, but Katie says they are not dangerous!  “They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids,” Katie said.

Sounds like maybe Tom & Katie are prepping their little one for a life in show biz!

Despite what Katie says, there is a doctor controversy over Suri’s itty-bitty feet.

We spoke with one Manhattan podiatrist who agrees with Katie: “Do I think it’s a good idea for a kid to wear a heel occasionally? Yes, especially in circumstances where there isn’t a bunch of walking or standing,” says Dr. Positano.

Katie — even though Suri looks cute in her high heels, another doc says it could really harm her little feet, “Children tend to have flat feet — high-heels are not supporting a child’s arch. That’s not a good thing,” sayspodiatrist Dr. Donna Hartman. “Don’t put young children in high heels. It’s harming the child– not doing them any good.”

TomKat we know you guys wouldn’t intentionally try to hurt her feetsies: “Tom’s a good parent I don’t think he would want to hurt his kids feet,” says Dr. Positano.

Despite Katie and Suri’s love of the glam heels we think maybe Suri should just stop wearing the heels.  What do you think?