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Posted Mon, November 29, 2010 8:37am EDT

Kate Gosselin Thinks Halloween Is A Tacky Holiday & The Kids Get Their Dog Shoka Back On 'Kate Plus 8!'

Kate wants you to think she’s the most relatable TV mommy! But, don’t you think she wears too much makeup and is too TV perfect?

Kate Gosselin is determined to win the role of super mom! Kate kicks off the Halloween-themed episode by sharing her feelings on the holiday: “It’s pretty tacky.” But, Kate does admit that her eight little ones think it’s fun, so she’ll go along with it. During one of many shopping trips in the Kate Plus 8 special, Kate walks around in stilettos, looking for Halloween decorations. Eventually, Kate finds one she likes: a plastic witch head that cackles loudly. But, the most hilarious part is when the reality mom says: “I do that once a day,” and an off-screen producer responds: “Yes, you do.”

But here’s the thing: most moms in middle America cannot relate to Kate! She thinks she’s doing normal mommy activities, but having a camera crew follow you around makes it NOT normal! Even though Halloween costume shopping is supposed to be a fun activity, Kate always seems to be a lady on the edge. Kate is always two seconds away from yelling at one of the Gosslettes, but you can’t tell, because her face is so frozen from all the Botox! For example, while in the costume shop, Kate gets irritated at one of the boys so she grabs his face and pulls it toward her own: “Look at me when I’m talking to you please.”

Finally, the surprise we were all waiting for! The kids got more than just toilet paper mummy costumes, Kate brought back their German Shepherd, Shoka.  If you remember, Kate and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin gave their two German Shepherds, Shoka and Nala, back to the breeder in 2009 and the children were devastated. We were so happy to see the kids light up, especially with two of the kids being expelled from school. We think this is exactly what the kids needed!

— Jennifer Sanchez