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Posted Fri, June 10, 2011 2:58pm EDT

Kate Middleton Vs. Pippa Middleton: Are They In A Skinny Competition? They Are Starting To Look Unhealthy!

Kate Middleton is looking very thin these days—just check out that incredibly shrinking waistline and flat tummy! But so is her younger sister Pippa! What’s going on? Are they trying to out-skinny each other?

Well, both sisters are notorious light eaters—let alone, fitness fanatics—who carefully scrutinize what they eat. A friend of Kate’s told The Sunday Times that the Princess’ super-thin body is the result of “not eating so much. She’s never had a eating problem.; she’s just extremely disciplined.”

Kate’s pal added that she sticks to “beans, salads, salmon and barbecues.”  But Kate, as well as Pippa, has been linked to the Dukan Diet, a high-protein, no-carb plan her mother Carole says helped her shed weight.

As for Pippa, she keeps thin by doing intensive ‘core-strength’ exercises she practices in her regular Pilates classes. But it’s her diet that’s pretty restrictive: “Her idea of a hearty meal is a few salad leaves washed down with green tea,” a source tells The Daily Mail. “No carbs is her mantra.” In fact, The Daily Mail reports that Pippa regularly orders “bread-free” sandwiches at her regular cafe in London.

Kate’s thin frame reminds Royal watchers of Princess Diana‘s admission that she was bulimic. “Bulimia started the week after we got engaged,” Diana reportedly said. “My husband put his hand on my waistline and said: ‘Oh, a bit chubby here, aren’t we?’ That triggered off something in me. I remember the first time I made myself sick, I was so thrilled because I thought right, this was the release of tension.”

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