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Posted Fri, May 20, 2011 9:56am EDT

Kate Middleton Goes From Provincial To Palatial — See Pics Of Her Childhood Home!

See the house where Kate grew up… and the incredible new digs she may soon be calling ‘home!’

Can you believe that newly appointed Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton could soon be living in the lap of luxury at the legendary Buckingham Palace? Not too shabby for a girl who grew up in a quaint four-bedroom house in Berkshire, England. Kate (and Pippa Middleton‘s) childhood home is now up for auction, and one lucky bidder could walk away with — or, rather, move into — a piece of Royal Wedding memorabilia for the hefty price of $803,000.

You need to flip through the above gallery to really appreciate Kate’s unbelievable change of scenery. Whereas she once slept in a bedroom so small she had to duck to get through the door, she could potentially be sleeping in an enormous bedroom fit for a queen. Or, rather, a duchess.

And in the spirit of “movin’ on up,” here’s the theme song to The Jeffersons. Enjoy!

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