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Posted Thu, April 15, 2010 6:25pm EDT

Crazy Pressure to Get Boob Jobs! Why Stars Like Kate & Heidi Inflate!

Kate Hudson and Heidi Montag are the latest two celebrities to fall victim to implant hysteria!

Kate Hudson traded in her perky A-cups for new cleavage amped up C’s, while Heidi Montag has astoundingly undergone two boob jobs leapfrogging her bust from flat to HUGELY inflated. These ladies are part of an epidemic of low self-esteem resulting in Hollywood beauties going under the knife.

And not only has Heidi made herself over from an A to DDDs, she actually told People magazine that “I’m determined to get bigger ones. I know it sounds crazy but I just love boobs.”

Well, so do Victoria Beckham, Tori Spelling, Tara Reid, Sharon Stone and Audrina Patridge, who have famously invested in extremely obvious implants in the past few years.

Why do these already highly attractive women feel the obsessive need to balloon-up their busts?

“They want to look sexy, sexy, sexy and get the roles of hot voluptuous girls,” believes celebrity stylist Philip Bloch, who has watched as many of his clients have become implant addicts. “Kate Hudson has been the cute, quirky, bubbly girl. Now she wants to be the ‘sexy’ girl.”

He also points out that not only do actresses feel pressure from casting directors and because they have their own insecurities , but photographers who shoot the magazine covers they pose for are demanding undressed perfection. “The photographers are always trying to get them to shoot half naked. it’s nudity, nudity, nudity. Even if an actress is pregnant, she can’t get peace. She has to be half naked,” Bloch says.

With all this external pressure even Hollywood’s hottest women can’t help but be insecure. Their low self-esteem fuels the need to keep getting more and more surgery, no matter what the cost.

“Women in Hollywood are under a lot of pressure to ‘stand out’, so to speak. They are always trying to get more attention than the other starlets.Having bigger breasts is one quick way to get this attention, especially when their talent is not enough to make them seem special. Indeed, the less talent a woman believes she has, the more likely it is that she’s going to try to compensate by getting breast implants,” says Los Angeles based psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.

In the 1980s Janice Dickinson shot to fame as a supermodel with a frequently-photographed bare A-cup chest. . But by the time the nineties and the model’s forties rolled around she began feeling enormous pressure to stack up to the new crop of young models and starlets in Hollywood and underwent extreme plastic surgery, including a breast augmentation, to try to keep up. Frankly we think her natural look was way more beautiful.

Singer Toni Braxton literally took her life into her hands when her first breast implantation ruptured  and she had to go under the knife, a second time to correct the problem.

Now Braxton has come to her senses and says she won’t go down the plastic surgery path again.

“I don’t want to be a turkey, stuffed and plucked and baked,” Braxton told People magazine in 2008.

In the eyes of Hollywood stars, there’s a practical reason for implants. Because the screen adds 10 to 15 pounds to women, these Hollywood stars are very thin, and thin people “tend to have very small very breasts. In order to seem like they have a normal breast size, these women who are usually 10 to 20 pounds underweight — need breast augmentations,” explains Beverly Hills, Calif. based plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Agrees Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Renato Calabria, “There is definitely pressure on movie stars to look their best, but the trend now is too look more conservative. A-list Hollywood stars don’t want to look like they’ve had work done. Kate Hudson chose the more natural way – having small implants put under the muscle makes the look more natural.”

Now Kate, 30, had her implant surgery done the RIGHT way – at least her two additions look like a natural size for her body.  But this poses the question: why do so many Hollywood breast augmentations look so horrible? The Hills starlet Heidi, 23, looks like she has two giant beach balls on her chest!

Explains Dr. Brent, “You can only put so much volume onto a breast before it starts to become deformed. The problem is, breasts look smaller onscreen than they do in person. What looks normal onscreen or in print looks very large in person. You’re not dealing with reality when you see breasts onscreen: it’s an alternate world of plastic surgery from what people expect.”

Then there is the simple fact that Hollywooders can be as insecure about their loveability as the rest of us. Is it any coincidence that Kate Hudson treated herself to cleavage after being dumped by boyfriend, Yankee player, Alex Rodriguez? Did she somehow believe that if her chest had been bigger, A-Rod might have stuck around? Sad thought but not out of the question.

So do you think Hollywood’s stars look better BEFORE they BUST UP or AFTER? VOTE!

Bonnie Fuller and Jo Piazza