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Posted Mon, December 13, 2010 5:45pm EDT

Should Kate Gosselin's Kids Really Become Palins? Or Jolie-Pitts? Or Duggars?

When Kate Gosselin’s kids didn’t want to escape the Alaskan wilderness with her (on last night’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska), the mom of eight freaked out and accused her kids of wanting to defect to the Palin family! If you had a choice, what family would you pick for the little Gosselettes?

Hey, it must be hard to be a Gosselin sometimes — we totally understand! But if we were going to join a different family, the Palins probably wouldn’t be our first choice! Maybe the little Gosselings just don’t know about all the fabulous families there are out there to choose from! We have some alternate suggestions. Vote for your favorite!

Why be a Jolie-Pitt?
Balloon rides, birthday parties on boats and unlimited art supplies from Lee’s Art Shop! Woo-hoo!

Why be a Duggar?
Plenty of playmates — and maybe you can pick a new name that starts with a J!

Michelle Duggar’s miracle baby, Josie, turns 1!

Why be a member of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives family?
Um, some people totally dig an alternative lifestyle!

Why be a Jackman?
Hugh seems like a super-involved dad and he loves to to throw kids in the air! Plus, he can sing and dance — really, really well!

Why be a Garner-Affleck?
Even though Dad Ben’s never around, Mom Jennifer is super-nice and would spend all day at the park with you!

Ben Affleck can’t wait to spend time with his kids!

Why be a Stefani-Rossdale?
You get to wear all the latest fashions and bleach your hair!

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