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Posted Fri, January 7, 2011 7:36pm EDT

The Evolution of Kate Gosselin's Stomach From Super- Stretched to Absolutely Abtastic!

Wow! Kate’s amazing shrinking stomach has gone from OUT-TO-THERE to OUTSTANDING! How did she do it?

Kate Gosselin‘s all-over makeover has got to be one of the biggest wonders of the modern world! But changing your hair color and growing it long is easy. Getting a flat stomach after giving birth to eight kids? Not so much. We are OBSESSED with Kate’s new stomach! The stretch marks, the loose skin—GONE! No wonder she’s always parading around in a bikini—Kate’s stomach is TOTALLY FLAT.

Kate has denied getting a boob job, but she got a free tummy tuck on Jon and Kate Plus 8. Of course she did! Can you even achieve such a thing through diet and exercise? In her case, probably NOT a chance! Her stomach was stretched really far when she was pregnant with six babies!

Nonetheless, Kate is often photographed jogging in her hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania, so she’s obviously committed to her new look. “This is the most fit I’ve ever been,” she told People. Plus, all that two-stepping on Dancing With The Stars has to have helped! Her stomach evolution is so impressive—no wonder she feels comfortable stretching out in an itsy bitsy bikini  in Australia. . At 35, Kate’s stomach is in the best shape of her life! Now take a look at these pics. Are you comfortable exposing your own abs?

-Kim Geiske