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Posted Tue, August 31, 2010 6:08pm EDT

Photos! See Kate Gosselin's Evolving Hairstyles & Vote: Which One Is YOUR Favorite?

Check out Kate’s hairstyle evolution and see if you agree with our picks for her best style!

Love her, love to hate her: you cannot deny that Kate Gosselin has become a fixture in the entertainment industry. The reality star has come a long way from her days as a housewife with eight children to a celebrity with book deals and television appearances (did you catch her during the Emmys opening number? Hilarious!) As a beauty editor, I’m more obsessed with another evolution: her hairstyles! Please come with me on a quick journey through the magical, almost mythical journey through Kate Gosselin’s hair via the gallery above:

First up, we have the famed haircut, the style I like to refer to as the “cock-a-doodle-‘do.” Reportedly, this hairstyle was copied in malls across America. Contrary to popular opinion, this haircut is/was not the new “Rachel” and it’s my personal opinion that it’s a crime against nature. There’s nothing remotely flattering about this cut or the bad frosting job. Even Kate eventually realized that this hairstyle wasn’t a good idea.

Earlier this year, Kate ditched Jon and (thankfully) the rooster cut, opting for a softer, prettier style that had richer blonde tones and more length to compliment her new lease on life. Even though those strange brown streaks are still showing up, I like this evolution of Kate. It’s a step in the right direction and it’s most likely the reason Hollywood came calling. It’s still a little stiff, so she most likely hadn’t exactly broken her addiction to styling products yet.

Here we see Kate going even softer with light barrel curls framing her face and a lighter blonde color. Please note the richer blonde hue – perhaps she’s upgrading her color along with her bank account – gold to platinum? I like this hue because it makes her seem more warm and approachable, and I like that her makeup is softening with her hair color. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Va-va-va-VOOM! This is Kate walking out of rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars! NOW we’re talking, people! I love the sleek, sexy blonde hair. The layers blown out frame her jawline instantly, giving her a slim, chic look that’s cosmopolitan and current. Plus, it makes her hair color look like sheer perfection. This photo gets my vote for best in class.

Finally, here we have Kate at the Emmys in a sophisticated updo with a side-swept bang. Even though the look is more structured, it’s still soft and it makes her face look amazing. There’s something to be said about a classic updo, the way it calls all the right attention to your neck. It’s chic and – dare I say it? – optimistic, like Kate feels she’s finally at home in her new Hollywood skin.

I’m rooting for Kate along her beauty evolution. Do you agree? Which Kate Gosselin hairstyle is your favorite? Vote in our poll box and let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

— Kristin Booker

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