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Posted Mon, November 1, 2010 1:58pm EDT

Kate Gosselin Takes Her Kids To A Corn Maze — But An Eyewitness Claims They Didn't Have Any Fun!

Did Kate Gosselin’s eight kids get cheated out of a good time on Saturday (Oct. 30)? An eyewitness claims that Kate made the kids leave as soon as the TLC cameras were put away. What a bummer!

Life sure does look like a lot of fun for the Gosselin family on TLC‘s Kate Plus 8. But looks can be deceiving. When Kate Gosselin and her eight children with ex-husband Jon arrived at a corn maze near their Pennsylvania homestead on Saturday (Oct. 30), an eyewitness claims their fun was over before it even began! According to a mom blogger, Kate only let the kids run loose in the maze for the cameras and as soon as filming wrapped, the kids were rounded up and driven away. Where is the fun in that?

“Kate stopped to give the kids instructions, lots of instructions. Don’t break the corn, stay in the rows? She exuded no warmth when dealing with her kids,” blogs the fellow Wernersville, Penn. resident, who noticed that the kids — 6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel and 10-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn — looked afraid to make a move without their mom’s OK. “The one thing I didn’t hear was ‘have fun,’ which is my number one instruction to my kids at all times when we go to a place like a corn maze.”

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The blogger reports that after receiving Kate’s list of do’s and don’ts, the kids were set free inside the maze, but even that was controlled by the camera crew! “They looked like they really wanted to cut loose and run and play, but that was not to be. [The camera crew] would get a distance from the kids and then yell for the kids to try to find them so they could film them running and having fun, oblivious of the maze paths. This lasted for about fifteen minutes,” explains the blogger (who’s a mom and counselor), who was sad to realize that the kids weren’t going to be allowed to finish the maze. “When the filming was over the kids were collected back at the maze exit.” Isn’t that sad, HollyMoms? Wouldn’t you let your kids run around and have fun considering it was a perfect fall weekend with great weather in Pennsylvania?

Their father, Jon, wasn’t happy about their trip to the corn maze, either. He took to his Twitter (of course!) to make sure that everyone knew that Kate and the kids were filming without his consent, even though a judge dismissed his request to block the show from being filmed.

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The kids weren’t the only ones playing up to the camera. According to the eyewitness, Kate was way overdressed to be spending an afternoon in a field! “Kate stepped out, ready for her wild romp in the corn field in perfect makeup and hair, a stylish jacket and black leggings with stiletto high heeled boots,” she writes. Seriously! High heels? What was she thinking? Funnily enough, Kate’s impractical attire came back to haunt her. “She occasionally complained that people were asking her to walk too fast since she was in skinny high heels, and at one point as she walked away I giggled to myself as a long strand of corn husk attached to her stiletto was quite reminiscent of a long piece of stray toilet paper one might unknowingly have under their shoe as they exited a bathroom.” HollyMoms, does that image bring a smile to your faces?

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But we can’t help but feel bad for those kids. They’re trotted out in public for photo opportunities and filming of their realty show and then put right back in the family van to be whisked back home. They didn’t get to actually enjoy the fun corn maze activities that most children would be allowed to participate in. Sure, they have a video documentary of their childhood thanks to the TLC show, but sadly, happy memories are missing from the final cut.

–Amy L. Harper

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