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Posted Thu, September 2, 2010 10:30am EDT

Bonnie Asks: Does Kate Have A Date?

Whoa Kate! You were running around your hometown of Reading, PA all day yesterday in a pink strapless cocktail dress, peep toe pumps and your hair pulled back.

You went to the UPS store with a package and were caught pumping gas in this dressy getup?
Were you dressed up to meet a new man? You’ve admitted that you’re lonely- and that’s totally understandable. What 35 year-old divorced woman with eight little kids WOULDN’T want some romance and emotional support some time? It IS hard and lonely to raise kids on your own.

So, are you dressed for a date? Maybe a date later in the day? Or are you simply continuing your recent trend of wearing increasingly sexy and skimpy outfits?

You ran around in heels, short shorts, and minis during the latest Kate Plus 8 Special on Sunday, August 29th, which garnered 1.8 million viewers despite the Emmys airing at the same time.

I have talked to fashion editors who believe you’re dressing to get some attention. “She’s sending a message out loud and clear that she’s available,” says beauty and fashion expert Suze Yalof Schwartz.

Now, the other option could be that you’re on such a high after doing the red carpet and Emmy’s intro number that you simply can’t stop dressing up!

Well, whether you’re dressing for a man or a Reading, PA “red carpet,” we can understand why you’d rather do dolled-up than dumpy and frumpy!

–Bonnie Fuller

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