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Posted Tue, November 24, 2009 3:12pm EDT

Cara & Mady to Jon: Daddy, You're So Mean!

Jon G! You really are a mean daddy.

You showed your true colors on last night’s Jon & Kate Plus 8 finale — you threatened to throw Cara and Mady’s posters in the trash and you made them stay home instead of going to the lemonade stand with the other little Gosselins. Why did you throw a mantrum? We know why — because your kids told you straight up they prefer to be with Dunkin Donuts diva mommy Kate. We did some thinking and we easily came up with a quick list of reasons why you’re not a nice daddy.

Top reasons why you’re a mean daddy:

  • Daddy you’re so mean when … you spell our names wrong on our birthday cake. (For instance when Maddy and Cara’s 9th birthday came around Jon spelled their names wrong on their b-day cake.)
  • Daddy you’re so mean when … you take us to an age-inappropriate movies (Like when Jon took his little ones to see Where the Wild Things Are)
  • Daddy you’re so mean when … you buy us ATVs for our birthday’s (He bought Cara an ATV for her 9th birthday– not to mention children shouldn’t ride on ATV’s — ever!)
  • Daddy you’re so mean when … you take us out to do things but really you call the paparazzi ahead of time because you want your picture taken (Kate says, “I worry about his intentions if this is a publicity stunt.”)

And here’s a few ways Kate’s been a mean mommy:

  • Mommy you’re so mean when … you spank us in front of the paparazzi (like when Kate spanked Leah)
  • Mommy you’re so mean when … you won’t let us eat candy (Kate is very particular about what the kids eat)
  • Mommy you’re so mean when … you yell at us for crying (Kate yelled at Aaden and told him to be a man when he started to cry)

— Chloe Melas