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Posted Tue, January 4, 2011 9:37am EDT

New Pics & Interview! Justin Bieber Gets Cocky: 'I'm Good-Looking!'

Would YOU leave your boyfriend for Justin? He knows you go to his concerts to see him!

He may only be 16, but Justin Bieber has picked up some swagger from his mentor, Usher. In a new cover story from the February issue of Vanity Fair, the Biebs is asked about his female fans, and his answer is anything but modest: “Not trying to be arrogant, but if I walked down the street and a girl saw me, she might take a look back because maybe I’m good-looking, right?”

Justin also understands too well how his image affects his fan base, saying, “For younger guys, it’s like [they think] they’re not cool if they come to my concert. That’ll [change], I think; it’ll happen, maybe when I’m 18. But meanwhile all their girlfriends are coming to watch me.”

As for what the future holds, Justin draws creative inspiration from his hero, Michael Jackson: “Michael was able to reach audiences from young to old; he never limited himself. He was so broad, everybody loved him, and that’s what my goal is — to basically make people happy, to inspire them, and to have everyone root for me.”

He does hope to avoid the personal mistakes that plagued the King of Pop, saying, “I know I’m not going to make a life-changing bad decision, as some people have. I’ve seen it happen too many times. I could be my own worst enemy, but I don’t want to mess this up.”

We still love you, JB — just keep your attitude in check!

— William Earl