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Posted Mon, January 31, 2011 10:38am EDT

Justin Bieber Goes On 'Today' & Hugs Biggest Fan: He Even Gives Her His 3D Glasses!

Justin is just as excited as we are for his new movie ‘Never Say Never,’ and he says you can pre-order your tickets today!

Justin Bieber is really growing up! The 16-year-old popstar debuted a much cooler and more mature attitude when talking about his upcoming 3D documentary Never Say Never during his Jan. 31, interview with The Today Show host Matt Lauer. The artist who can make a tween swoon with the flick of his hair, was almost unrecognizable with a deeper voice, and tousled locks! One lucky girl got a chance to get up close with the Biebs and even stole a hug!

Justin’s been very busy with his My World 2.0 tour, and admits his rise to fame “happened really fast.” But he wants fans to realize he’s truly talented and not some manufactured star.

“I’ve been playing music ever since I can remember,” Justin tells Today host Matt. “And I really want that to be shown in [Never Say Never].”

But even though he’s constantly busy and hasn’t had a chance to hang out with his little brother and sister, he says he makes sure to get some downtime.

“It’s hard because I’m away from my friends and family, I waited for a brother and sister my whole life,” Justin says. “But I make sure I have at least one day off a week to rest and hang out with my friends, because the rest of the week is all jam-packed. I have to have at least one day.”

— Chloe Melas