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Posted Fri, March 18, 2011 8:00am EDT

Is Justin Bieber Giving The Middle Finger Again?

Justin’s rep tells us he wasn’t, but what do YOU think?

What’s going on with Justin Bieber? The shaggy-haired boy we all loved for giving hugs to babies and record executives is looking a lot tougher these days, and he’s even got a new favorite accessory: his middle finger! Here’s a shot of Biebs leaving his London hotel March 17 — and it appears he was none too happy to be greeted by so many photographers.

Remember back on March 1 when he and Selena Gomez had their date night interrupted by photographers? Neither Justin nor Selena could hide their disgust for the flashing lights, and they each gave a special little finger to their new friends.

We’re so worried about Justin! It was bad enough when he was working himself to the bone, but now that he’s added a not-so-secret relationship with Selena to his plate, things might just be getting a little too intense for him.

Bright side: He remembered to keep his pants up this time!