Posted Sun, March 6, 2011 10:44am EST

From Friendship To Romance! The Evolution Of Justin And Selena's Relationship!

They denied it for months, but the teen royalty couple is no longer afraid to show their love! Check these pics of Justin and Selena as their relationship starts to heat up!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have started off as friends, but they have finally come out as the most adorable couple in young Hollywood. Despite how hard they tried to keep it a secret, turns out you can’t hide true love! Look through these pictures to see how their relationship has evolved!

  • December 2009: Friend zone! Justin and Selena look like best friends very comfortable with each other when posing for a red carpet snapshot. Selena looks more like an older sister than a love interest.
  • March 2010: Things seem to be heating up. Justin and Selena are photographed being more playful and flirtatious with one another but they claimed to only be friends.
  • September 2010: Both Justin and Selena start to look older and their relationship more mature than a school yard crush.
  • December 2010: The couple are spotted just hanging out together in their spare time. They seem happy together but no touch boundaries are crossed.
  • February 2011: Right before Valentine’s Day the couple is spotted hanging out and holding hands! They look at each other with loving eyes. To celebrate his birthday the couple spent the night in a romantic presidential suite at the St. Regis hotel in Orange County. At the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars they wore coordinating outfits, took couple shots on the red carpet, and romantic photo-booth pictures that show Justin kissing her cheek and nuzzling her chest! Justin seems to be madly in lust with her.
  • March 2011: The couple are spotted at the Beverly Center on a PDA filled date. They are spotted hugging, whispering in each other’s ears, and Justin is very protective over her. They do normal teenage things like grab fro-yo and go shopping (except for these teen superstar shopping means Louis Vuitton.)

We’re glad that they have stopped denying their relationship and embraced their ‘teenage dream’ romance! From these pictures it’s obvious they are smitten with each other and are reminiscent of young Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron! Do you think Justin and Selena will be a long lasting couple, or are they doomed to be another one of Hollywood’s notorious whirlwind romances?

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Nicole Fukuoka

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Emma Reilly

Posted at 11:52 AM on April 5, 2012  

I love Selena Gomez. Come to my house. Email me then I email you . Love Selena

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Posted at 12:47 PM on April 5, 2011  

i think that the paps should lay off gomez and bieber – if they are a couple – so what?! JUST LAY LOW!!! do uu know what – i think they would make a great couple – but they can’t even go out together without the paps following them!!
just because they are famous – doesnt mean that the paps have to follow them like a puppy on a lesh!!!
why do we have to vote if they should or shouldn’t be together! I THINK THEY SHOULD DO WHAT THEY DO BEST! but can we return the favour?! NO!! all we do is make things up – they could be friends – just holiding hands!! the paps are making up soo much rubbish that everyone believes it! well take off the blindfold and rub your eyes people!!
loads of guys are protective over girls – yes even when they done go out – so could bieber just be a friendly protective?

u rock Gomez and Bieber – dont let the paps get to uu. just do ur thing!!

p.s. i’m not having a go – i’m just saying

peace out!

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Posted at 5:19 PM on March 29, 2011  

i can not understand that selenium justin compared to you is that the baby knows this very bad figure but this thing is known however that will not last forever.
ah well regret anything i say but justin said with his look primitive as there are people who have a beatyful smile that residency

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Posted at 5:09 PM on March 29, 2011  

it’s impossible

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Posted at 3:37 PM on March 6, 2011  

jfc the commentary. “madly in lust”? lol. however, I do think that are qt together.

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selena gomez

Posted at 3:08 PM on March 6, 2011  

im sorry Justin but I dont thnk I wont to date you anymore sorry :(

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Posted at 10:36 PM on March 25, 2011  

i hate you for say that you are not sel

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Posted at 10:33 PM on April 1, 2011  

awww who’s u to fake selena gomez ammm she’s not a barbie she’s real get over yourself!!…..!!!! u people need to get a life! C’MONNNN GUSH DON’T U! HAVE ANYTHING BETTER TO DO…!!!!

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