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Posted Fri, June 3, 2011 6:46pm EDT

Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez & His Grandpa To His Favorite Candy Shop!

Justin Bieber finished Selena Gomez’s grand tour of his hometown, Stratford, Ontario, with a stop to Rheo Thompson Candies, where they stocked up on their favorite chocolates!

Things just keep getting sweeter and sweeter for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez…literally. This afternoon (June 3), the 17-year-old rockstar, his 18-year-old girlfriend and his grandfather visited Justin’s favorite candy store — Rheo Thompson Candies in Stratford, Ontario — and has all the inside scoop!

“Justin, Selena and Justin’s grandfather, Bruce, came in at about 12:30 p.m. for a private tour of Rheo Thompson Candies,” the store owner, Kristene Steed, tells us in an exclusive interview.

“Justin and Selena were just adorable, the sweetest, cutest couple. We took them to the production area and kitchen, where we make our homemade candies. They thought it was really neat. Selena is obviously a chocolate fan because her whole face lit up when we showed her how the chocolate was delivered in 2000 lb. cases. They tried all sorts of candies including the Vanilla Caramel and the Butter Cream Center. But Justin’s all time favorite is our Mint Smoothies. He said to Selena, ‘You have to try this’, and after she tasted it she said, ‘This is a seriously good chocolate!'”

She adds, “It was really a thrill to have them here. Justin has been a fan of our Chocolate Smoothies since he was a little boy. Justin’s grandfather said, ‘I have been enjoying these chocolates for over 40 years.’ ”

The family owned business has been in Stratford since 1968.

“Justin is incredibly well-spoken, polite and down-to-earth. He keeps his roots and keeps in touch with all of his friends here. He has an incredible relationship with his grandfather,” Kristene says. “In fact, it’s well-known here that he and and his grandparents (on his mother’s side) are extremely tight. They keep him really grounded.”

Justin and Selena didn’t walk away empty handed — they were given a special gift!

“Before they left we gave them both a Bieber Box which contains one pound of mint smoothies, which are Justin’s favorite chocolates. They are super soft in the middle and melt in your mouth and come in both milk and dark chocolate,” Kristene explains, adding, “We started making The Bieber Boxes back in February. The boxes are wrapped in a purple pearl wrapping paper with a wide royal blue satin ribbon. Purple and blue are Justin’s favorite colors.”

If you want a taste of Justin, go to The boxes sell for $20.95 and are super yummy!

She laughs, “They had not eaten lunch yet so we got them pretty filled up on our sweets!”

Sandra Clark

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